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Recent comments:

0415-354-479Text message

"Advises of failed delivery and says to click on link. An obvious scam to cause issues if you are stupid enough to click the link."
Aust Gov. Cyber Sec. Tracking(2022-06-19 03:27:22)

03-9028-5868Prank call

"scam caller. calls and does not say anything."
(2022-06-16 07:42:57)

02-4067-5588Prank call

"Spam - Robocall from EBAY about charging account for recent purchase"
Nick(2022-06-16 05:04:45)

02-4067-5952Unknown call

"does not identify themself.. goes to a message, so a real number if you call back Is this Legitimate?"
Private(2022-06-15 04:05:50)

02-4067-5347Unknown call

"Be wary of this number. They asked about an old energy account of mine, and i then received a text while on the phone to them from Origin (genuine) supplying a single login token PIN. I would assume the scam caller was going to ask for my PIN so they could access my account. Origin Energy have had their database compromised. BEWARE"
(2022-06-14 05:49:27)

03-7032-6297Unknown call

"Got two calls this afternoon which Google flagged as scam. I didn't answer but I did call back and got an American robot lady telling me that the number was not in service"
Emily(2022-06-11 08:43:26)

02-4072-0913Unknown call

"Had a call from this number, but didn't pickup because it shows as Potential Fraud on my mobile."
(2022-06-10 06:29:36)

02-4072-0913Unknown call

"Auto call saying an amount of money was being debited by Ebay."
(2022-06-10 04:20:49)

03-9088-4267Unknown call

"Missed the call
Calling back 5 mins later and they’re closed, only open between 9-5… but it was 6pm

Obviously either a scam or a call centre, recorded messages left no info and was very robotic"
Mashington(2022-06-08 07:54:31)

08-8121-8167Unknown call

"This number was listed as a SCAM Microsoft Windows Support Security Help line. Did not call this number. The Scam consisted of the PC locking up with messages that the computer was insecure and private and financial information was at risk. The messages would keep re-appearing even when cancel was selected.
Looked up how to remove the messaging - needed to use Ctr/Alt/Del to get Task Manager then left click on the program that was open. Then close that program. The SCAM messages cleared.

This was obviously some sort of scam because we operate an alternate Security Manager and the number to call was local - which immediately seemed suspicious."
Deb(2022-06-08 07:06:05)

03-8372-2218Unknown call

"I have had repeated calls from this number. They know my first name, and immediately start asking me about my electricity provider. I have told them it's none of their business and hung up. I've blocked the number on my phone but somehow the calls are still getting through. I have also tried calling back and used their "press 5 to be placed on our Do Not Call register" option. They keep calling!"
RE(2022-06-08 02:55:36)

03-9005-6415Prank call

"Scam - automated message saying there's a warrant for my arrest due to tax fraud. "Press 1 to talk to us now""
MoPz(2022-06-07 05:10:11)

02-6189-5537Unknown call

K(2022-06-03 05:19:48)

0408-723-115Unknown call

"Scam Amazon renewal call."
(2022-06-02 00:37:45)

03-9005-6185Unknown call

"Didn't leave a message, when I called back operator said that it was the ATO."
(2022-06-02 00:31:49)

02-4072-4433Unknown call

"unwanted call"
(2022-05-31 05:33:05)

03-9268-1402Unknown call

"No idea"
(2022-05-30 23:02:09)

03-9674-4584Unknown call

"Homebuyers Centre"
(2022-05-04 06:50:58)

02-8322-4503Unknown call

"Caller hung up before I went to answer.
No information to be found on who rang from this number."
(2022-05-04 05:17:58)

02-8322-4503Unknown call

"calls no message left"
(2022-05-04 04:20:39)

03-9088-4142Unknown call

"In short, spam call."
(2022-05-04 03:21:56)

03-8900-0735Unknown call

"my mobile rang about 4 times and it ended before I got to it, no message left. My phones shows Dandenong, Victoria."
(2022-05-03 06:37:11)

03-8652-6805Unknown call

"Spammer? When trying to return call just got the "number is not in service, please check.....""
(2022-05-03 00:31:51)

02-5633-9770Unknown call

"CRIMINAL SCAMMER INCOMING PHONE CALL at 2.05pm Monday 2nd May 2022 to my own private and personal mobile number; POSSIBLY FROM 'AMAZON ONLINE' and From CRIMINAL SCAMMER's PHONE NUMBER 02 5633 9770
This CRIMINAL SCAMMER's Number is an Australian Fixed Line Telephone Number
which is possibly located in Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450; and could be provided by Primus Telecommunications Pty Limited.
OR This Scammer's Landline Number is in the Murwillumbah, Grafton, Lismore, Casino Regions as a Geograpical Location.
Further INFO about this Criminal Scammer's Number 02 5633 9770 is:
"Added Since Re-Numbering".
First there was an Automated / Pre-Recorded Asian Female Voice stating that I had 2 Outstanding Bills/Payments owing and To Be Paid against my Visa Credit Card - The two outstanding Bill Amounts she stated were $400.00 and
then $1,300.00. The Automated Recording went on to say "Press 1 to pay these amounts, Press 2 to Deny these Amounts; or Press 3 to hear this recording again". At this Point, I Pressed "3" and to my astonishment I got a real Human; a MALE with an Asian Accent...
I did NOT Allow Him to speak at All. Instead I accused Him of being a F_ _KI_G CRIMINAL SCAMMER And Then Yelled Profainities down the Phone into his Ear; and I hung up on Him {I did not give him a chance to speak at all}.
The Total Length of this Criminal Scamming Incoming Phone Call was 58 seconds.
VERY SIGNIFICANTLY - I KNOW THAT These Two Fake & Criminal Outstanding Bill Amounts {As Described Above} are CATEGORICALLY and COMPLETELY FALSE AND FAKE. AS WELL I DO NOT HAVE A CREDIT CARD and I Have Never EVER Dealth with AMAZON - NEVER.
Today {same day}, I have tried to call this Criminal Scammer's Landline Number 02 5633 9770 back six {6} times from 2:09pm through to and including 7.22pm & with my number "hidden".
BUT I immediately get the "LINE BUSY / ENGAGED BEEP BEEP BEEP TONE"; so I am Not able to be connected.
THESE ARE CRIMINAL SCAMMERS And They have illegally acquired my private mobile No"
Anonymous(2022-05-02 09:46:19)


"Diamond containers using the number but cant find in yellow or white pages being used.

Trying to find out if company is legit or scammers"
(2022-05-02 09:06:39)


"Partial voicemail left when I declined the call. Appeared to be a computer operated call saying “this is a community survey......” and requesting my gender. After this, the call hung up."
(2022-05-02 08:17:19)

02-9467-2553Unknown call

"When I answered, no one spoke but hung up quickly. I called back and the voicemail stated the number was disconnected."
(2022-05-02 06:18:41)

02-7909-1850Unknown call

"They called me offering metrobank cash2go..."
Jess(2022-04-26 10:12:21)

03-9034-1171Unknown call

"ebay scam involving using cancellation of gift card by installing a daya app that gives them control of your phone"
(2022-04-26 08:42:36)

02-8322-4574Unknown call

"Received call from this number on both my mobile & landline. Did not ring it back as I don't have this number on my list of known numbers."
(2022-04-26 05:48:00)

08-9441-3237Unknown call

"Just checking a missed call"
(2022-04-26 03:27:12)

03-9016-9119Unknown call

"No message left, tried calling back, line rang then cut"
Ruth(2022-04-26 03:18:24)

02-9062-6336Unknown call

"I called back, no answer except a voicemail msg for a "Peter Smith".
I suspect that this scamm caller though."
J(2022-04-26 02:10:06)

02-4072-0826Unknown call

(2022-04-25 06:38:16)

0466-458-627Unknown call

"Said they were Amazon Prime re membership renewal"
(2022-04-25 04:10:47)

03-9123-4081Unknown call

"Got two calls from this number, called back and transferred to an operator and seemed speaking to a drunk person"
(2022-04-23 02:53:24)

02-6172-1363Unknown call

"My friend got a call from them saying that the police in NSW had a warrant out for them to go to prison … We’re in Victoria
Scam I reckon or prank call… but they knew some info they shouldn’t so not sure"
Jae(2022-04-22 08:28:33)

02-8319-2085Unknown call

"Phone rings, you answer it but no one answers. This has happened a few times."
Anon(2022-04-22 06:19:33)

02-9069-3285Unknown call

"called 5v times over 3 days, no voicemail."
(2022-04-21 06:49:59)

02-8859-3151Unknown call

"Spam - have been called by this number 3 times a day for the past three days with no voicemail left"
(2022-04-21 04:44:36)