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Recent comments:

0438-456-545Unknown call

"When I answered, a voice like something from a bad Hollywood spy movie growled that he was from the taxation office, and I would be in serious trouble if I didn't press 1 immediately. I hung up."
RH(2020-11-30 21:02:58)

0409-414-198Unknown call

"Scam. Rang twice hung up followed by computer generated voicemail alerting to Dept Home Affairs case being filed under my name."
(2020-11-30 21:01:40)

0420-732-474Unknown call

"I got a miss call from this number 0420732474 and I call back and have a income restriction.
How stupid is this the owner of this number."
Nery(2020-11-30 20:48:58)

0407-751-544Prank call

"Spam = Apparently I have a warrant for my Arrest and my TFN has been suspended. Claims to be ATO - Hang Up or dont answer"
(2020-11-30 20:22:07)

0475-078-297Prank call

"prank call received 12:12 PM 1 Dec. Voice sounds like kid."
viking(2020-11-30 20:16:10)

0415-671-508Unknown call

"Pretty sure it’s a scammer. I got a call and it was an automated message voiced by a male. They were saying something about tax - I didn’t listen long enough to hear the whole message and hung up."
(2020-11-30 20:08:27)

0490-333-652Unknown call

"Call supposedly from Amazon advising a renewal charge to be taken from my account"
BruceA(2020-11-30 19:54:37)

0412-704-596Unknown call

(2020-11-30 19:52:31)

0423-018-699Unknown call

"Left a message, could not understand them."
DJ(2020-11-30 19:51:41)

07-3608-5920Unknown call

"your town plus"
(2020-11-30 19:44:37)

0406-433-960Unknown call

"Missed call. Phoned back,
Said he did not call.
Strange. Something not amiss. Be wary."
Richard(2020-11-30 19:44:33)

0427-533-524Unknown call

"Scam call about Tax File Number"
(2020-11-30 19:30:13)

0423-685-161Prank call

"Got a txt from this number saying i have a parcel waiting to be collected and to proceed to some dodgy link."
(2020-11-30 19:29:53)

0404-489-199Unknown call

"A voicemail was left, apparently the ATO has a warrant for my arest lol! Massive scam, do not call back"
Gozoff(2020-11-30 19:27:01)

0417-194-447Unknown call

"Received a call from 0417194477 but as the conversation was all in what sounded like chinese or similar language I hung up"
Joy(2020-11-30 19:16:08)

0435-317-560Unknown call

"Call stating they are from the Australian Tax office, saying my tax file number has been suspended. I hung up"
Jorge martins(2020-11-30 19:13:24)

0430-725-908Prank call

"Answered the phone, got an electronic voice stating my Tax File No. had been issued to authorities for Fraudulent activity and that I needed to contact them by hitting 1 or I would be arrested. I know it is a fake call. I will put it as a Prank Call but it is better to call it a Scam Call..."
Aaron Hayes(2020-11-30 18:52:28)

0481-741-816Unknown call

"Text message received
Urgent message for: ******. Potential earnings ($7.901,32) is registered to u. clam it here: http://***********

No answer when called back"
(2020-11-30 18:50:53)

0410-135-004Unknown call

"I had a missed call from this number. Tried to call back, couldn't be connected"
(2020-11-30 18:43:42)

0492-981-414Unknown call

"i have been receiving calls from this number for the past two days - no messages left at all , just missed calls"
(2020-11-30 18:36:44)

0437-591-093Prank call

"I received a call from this number 'claiming' to be the Australian Taxation Office. This could be a tax scam"
anonymous(2020-11-30 17:54:25)

0438-304-561Unknown call

(2020-11-30 17:52:19)

0414-849-829Text message

"happy birthday message"
(2020-11-30 17:33:53)

0438-090-633Prank call

"Spammer trying to be Australian Federal Government"
(2020-11-30 17:32:40)

0431-884-396Unknown call

"Pre recorded spam call, saying my TFN had been suspended and I was going to be arrested. Asked me to press 1 to hear about the legal proceedings. I did not!"
Liz(2020-11-30 17:31:05)

0437-682-395Unknown call

"robocall to press 1 to find out my legal issues"
Mike(2020-11-30 17:29:32)

0413-886-343Text message

"Received this . There is an update on ur parcel. Item stopped due to unpaid customs fee. Resolve it here: https://********* ( I haven't ordered anything from overseas)"
MJ(2020-11-30 17:02:31)

0410-229-265Unknown call

"Jade Maree"
(2020-11-30 13:13:29)

0410-774-960Unknown call

"Suspected scam"
Aranand(2020-11-30 11:55:05)

0432-632-362Unknown call

"unwanted call who is it?"
(2020-11-30 10:53:27)

0423-973-779Unknown call

"I received a threatening message from Lauren rubie in this no"
Ian(2020-11-30 08:51:09)

0423-973-779Unknown call

"I received a threatening message from Lauren rubie in this no"
Ian(2020-11-30 08:50:11)


B(2020-11-30 05:35:46)

02-9246-7899Unknown call

"A call left on my voicemail landline"
Helen Swarbrick(2020-11-30 04:47:05)

02-9246-7899Unknown call

"I had a call purportedly from City of Sydney council about compliance issues"
(2020-11-30 04:46:04)

0434-590-345Unknown call

"Unsolicited call from robotic pre recorded voice claiming to be from child protective investigation team... i ended call."
steve(2020-11-30 04:21:58)

0424-236-484Unknown call

"I answered the call and there was silence and then they hung up"
Gigi(2020-11-30 03:07:38)

03-8399-9133Unknown call

"No message left, likely scam caller"
q(2020-11-30 02:26:04)

02-6671-8708Unknown call

"Not answered. Rang back this mobile is disconnected"
(2020-11-30 01:21:40)

02-6671-8708Unknown call

"Not answered. Rang back this mobile is disconnected"
(2020-11-30 01:21:32)