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Recent comments:

02-6269-2957Unknown call

"Answered, no response."
(2021-04-15 23:46:04)

0474-181-192Unknown call

"Scammer on gumtree who has been sent a deposit and removed advert"
(2021-04-15 23:40:48)

03-9689-9861Unknown call

"Person called, saying with a very strong Indian/Parkistanese accent that was a "verification call" and as I wasn't understanding, the man said "FUCK YOU" and hang up."
(2021-04-15 23:32:00)

02-4622-3751Prank call

"Woman caller, Indian-type accent, said she was from Telstra and was ringing because my internet had been hacked. Tried calling back several times - the call drops out with "call failed" message error."
Walter(2021-04-15 23:30:09)

0407-217-268Unknown call

"Automated scam caller saying that I have a debt and a warrant has been issued for my arrest etc"
Rob(2021-04-15 22:40:24)

0424-131-113Prank call

"prank call"
(2021-04-15 21:58:06)

0409-955-986Text message

"Received an unsolicited SMS from this number ' Hi (my name) is it convenient if I give you a call? thanks Sean. I don't know a Sean... And definitely do not know the number"
Greg S(2021-04-15 21:38:25)

08-8180-0495Prank call

"Scam call from an automated voice claiming to be from Amazon saying you ordered an iphone 7 for $799, but if this wasn't your order, press 1.

I wouldn't be caught dead with anything from Apple, so clearly a scam."
AJ(2021-04-15 21:35:12)

0407-324-405Unknown call

"recorded message saying its the Australian Taxation Department and my information has been compromised and legal matters against me has commenced and to press #1 to connect ."
Wayne(2021-04-15 21:01:42)

0499-538-450Unknown call

"Dont answer as tried to call back and said not accepting calls. Must be a scam"
(2021-04-15 20:43:36)

03-9225-8109Unknown call

(2021-04-15 20:22:08)

0410-695-925Unknown call

(2021-04-15 19:51:11)

0410-695-925Text message

(2021-04-15 19:50:56)

0408-481-289Unknown call

"potential Financial scammer? looking to get finance info unsolicited"
(2021-04-15 08:58:56)

0488-796-293Prank call

"... why"
(2021-04-15 08:00:45)

0411-159-851Unknown call

Jess(2021-04-15 07:52:50)

0409-038-831Unknown call

"l k"
lk(2021-04-15 07:34:05)

0412-204-498Text message

"Sends scam text message with fake amazon orders."
(2021-04-15 05:48:07)


"Scam call claiming to be from National Australia Bank. Caller hung up after about 20 seconds, only enough time to tell me who they were, probably to try and get me to call them back."
(2021-04-15 04:51:54)

0450-997-886Unknown call

"Rang a few times over the last few months. Because I dint recognize the number, I wont answer it. The caller never leaves a message. I reckon its scamming or phishing."
(2021-04-15 04:04:03)


"Someone selling Berry Oil (Sea Buck) on behalf of a Health company."
Periwinkle(2021-04-15 03:56:22)

0493-364-449Unknown call

bob(2021-04-15 03:48:05)

03-9212-0248Unknown call

"rang and left a long voicemail just breathing in the phone."
b(2021-04-15 01:33:44)


"Spam caller"
Anne(2021-04-15 01:29:38)

0478-343-279Prank call

"Rings me and connects telling me my telstra internet is going to be cut off press 1 to speak to someone to resolve press 2 if i no longer want telstra
I hung up as I don't have telstra"
(2021-04-15 00:57:20)

0470-257-685Prank call

"Missed call from this number. Called back but would not connect."
(2021-04-15 00:55:35)

0450-709-429Unknown call

"Called me didn't speak. Called back and denied ringing. Dodgy"
(2021-04-15 00:54:46)

0405-843-543Unknown call

"Scammer. Pretending to be Telstra and threatening to disconnect you from the Internet unless you Press 1. Just hang up on them."
aussiebear(2021-04-15 00:52:54)

02-6445-3783Unknown call

"call and hang up"
(2021-04-15 00:47:05)

0450-724-666Unknown call

"I have answered the call just with "hi" and it hang up"
dotka(2021-04-15 00:31:54)

0497-126-443Unknown call

"This number called and told me they were from the NBN and that my modem was malfunctioning. Would not explain how they knew. Hung up on me when I asked a few questions. Clearly a scam caller"
Geoffrey(2021-04-15 00:29:33)

0487-553-129Unknown call

"The caller said they are calling from Telstra because my IP was in a "public mode" and it was not safe for me to browse in that mode. They wanted to send me something for me to install on my phone. I told them to call in three hours so that I can check whether there is a problem myself. No one called. I think it was a scam."
(2021-04-15 00:20:42)

02-9755-9656Unknown call

(2021-04-15 00:13:55)

0425-897-510Unknown call

"Tax Scam"
(2021-04-14 23:55:45)

0411-260-523Text message

"It was saying we had talked earlier and I gave him my number .... not true and keeps sending text saying talk or message"
Rob(2021-04-14 23:38:38)

0474-332-491Unknown call

"Received multiple calls from this number no answer when I picked up tried to call back get either call failed or an engaged tone"
(2021-04-14 23:32:24)

0414-123-824Unknown call

"I got a call while I was away from my phone, but when I tried to call back, I couldn't connect to this number"
(2021-04-14 23:09:20)

0478-914-656Prank call

"Spam. Says from Telstra"
(2021-04-14 22:53:33)

0414-133-888Unknown call

"Bot call, immediately hung up so it's likely just checking for active phone numbers."
(2021-04-14 22:39:50)

0402-723-181Unknown call

"Ghost call. The caller just hung up almost immediately"
Truecaller app listed as Janif(2021-04-14 22:27:47)