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Recent comments:


"he wanted to sell me a domestic fridge, with 3 months warranty"
(2021-01-16 21:47:28)

0417-505-800Text message

"didnt like message"
(2021-01-16 20:09:07)

0415-878-832Unknown call

"not sure if they are fishing for information have not called number.
message was hey bro are you home"
(2021-01-16 18:30:52)

0411-240-781Unknown call

"10:15 Friday
Rang and did not leave message."
Single Retired/Disabled Male(2021-01-16 17:05:25)

0433-819-553Unknown call

"Need to find it"
(2021-01-16 16:57:30)

0433-819-553Unknown call

"Lost phone"
(2021-01-16 16:56:41)

0405-024-729Unknown call

"miss caller"
(2021-01-16 10:42:32)

0422-483-565Unknown call

"Got this call when I was at work so I couldn't answer it."
(2021-01-16 07:17:23)

0417-505-800Unknown call

"didnt like the text"
bang bang(2021-01-16 05:32:38)

0450-895-080Unknown call

"Skanky whore owns the number

New number, the girls 😊
Who is this?
Ur favourite fun girls we saw you yesterday
No idea who you are
You always can’t stay
I think you have the wrong number
I saw you after the wedding last weekend with your wife
Maybe you should find your own man
61450895080 called. No Voicemail message was left. For more information on this feature, free call 147 from your mobile phone.
I have no idea who you are or why you have my number. You’ve obviously got the wrong number"
Mel(2021-01-16 02:47:12)

0420-277-366Text message

"I got a weird message from this number. I only give people my number directly from me and nobody else. Yet this number is not in my contact list. When I get numbers from people I always make them send a text of their name. So I can create their contact list. This number sent me a pic but I couldn't access it because I didn't have any data. It also sent another text saying "ur so cute." I'm afraid of being stalked and scared for my safety."
ives(2021-01-16 02:22:39)

0413-146-985Unknown call

"SMS come thru as from:
Westpac: We still didnt hear from you. To avoid service restrictions, please visit
https://********* to confirm your device.
Do not have Westpac"
(2021-01-16 00:34:21)

0413-146-985Unknown call

"SMS come thru as from:
Westpac: We still didnt hear from you. To avoid service restrictions, please visit
https://********* to confirm your device.
Do not have Westpac"
(2021-01-16 00:33:22)

0468-381-451Unknown call

"Message said: -- Westpac: We still didn't hear from you. To avoid service restrictions, please visit https:// (etc etc) to confirm your mobile device."
Not sure about this caller(2021-01-15 22:42:38)

0421-275-636Unknown call

"I missed a call from this number on my mobile. The caller left no message. This call concerns me as only four people know my mobile number, so I hope not to receive calls like this again on my mobile......there are too many such calls already coming in on my landline phone."
Anna(2021-01-15 22:39:16)

0433-391-601Unknown call

"Unwanted call."
Cb(2021-01-15 20:57:45)


"Probably telemarketing"
(2021-01-15 19:57:44)

0499-086-617Unknown call

"Yes a call"
(2021-01-15 18:55:48)

0404-892-864Text message

"Anonymous textUrgent: I've called and written you several times this week but no answer? You w0n 2nd place the JB-New Year Draw! Claim gift:
link was"
Anonymous(2021-01-15 18:27:26)

02-8073-5052Unknown call

"Got a call from this number I tried to call it back but I’m being told can’t be connected for technical difficulties"
(2021-01-15 17:24:25)

0497-784-951Unknown call

"Ice dealer"
(2021-01-15 17:15:45)

0455-125-071Unknown call

"Scam caller. Wanted you to install an app to give them control over your device they will then lock it and ask for a ransom

Dude swore when we figured it out and dragged him on the phone for 15 minutes. Sounded like from Indian subcontinent. Gives a bad name to the rest of India. You rude bugger"
Yourfather(2021-01-15 16:03:43)

0431-499-246Unknown call

(2021-01-15 04:47:26)

0431-499-246Unknown call

"He is a scammer, bought a truck and I asked to rtr"
(2021-01-15 04:41:04)

0431-499-246Text message

(2021-01-15 04:39:45)

0456-956-753Unknown call

"I received a missed call from this number today. Can you inform me of the nature of the call please?"
Anabel(2021-01-15 04:06:53)

02-9067-7156Unknown call

"Caller left a message just repeating my name without any information as to why he was calling- very creepy."
(2021-01-15 04:03:13)

0475-885-103Prank call

"Calling my daughters phone multiple times. Does not speak when answered and then hangs up. Occasionally coughs with a phlegmy sound. Concerned this is for stalking, or paedophile grooming of a minor"
(2021-01-15 03:48:05)

02-4054-3816Unknown call

"call hang-up"
(2021-01-15 03:24:42)


"Keep getting calls from this number and associated numbers starting with (02) 8864 and so forth, when answering the phone hangs up. When attempting to call back, number is disconnected. Such a nuisance!"
(2021-01-15 03:03:15)

02-7227-6939Unknown call

"A weird call from this number from someone with a Russian accent. Don't know anything, but I wouldn't trust it."
(2021-01-15 01:45:39)

0450-502-906Unknown call

"Some on this number honed me and said he was returning my call. I had never made a call to him"
Fred(2021-01-15 00:56:39)

0404-590-598Unknown call

"Spammer - automated call claiming NBN connection was going to be cut off in 24 hours"
(2021-01-15 00:37:26)

02-9160-3107Unknown call

"Unwanted calls from 'Mary' from 'Funny Money'. Even though my number is on the 'Do not Call register'"
Bob(2021-01-15 00:20:15)

0430-322-608Text message

"Random weirdo messaged me from this number."
(2021-01-15 00:06:09)

0406-496-455Unknown call

GEOFF(2021-01-14 23:38:52)

0402-232-967Unknown call

"This is a recorded message claiming to be from Telstra and advising my internet will be disconnected. I had two options to respond via my mobile. The caller rang twice with only a few minutes apart. The first time the number was not disclosed. Likely a scamster as the provider is listed as Optus above and the voice claims to represent Telstra. I hung up both times."
(2021-01-14 23:38:27)

0430-241-357Unknown call

"Scam - Claims suspicious activity on tax file number and therefore is suspended"
(2021-01-14 23:19:43)

0402-240-899Unknown call

"No message left"
Cxcccc(2021-01-14 23:10:59)

0410-722-538Unknown call

"Call asking me to press 1 to see what tax case is about. I have not been contacted by the ato"
(2021-01-14 22:32:37)