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Recent comments:


85644166196(2022-11-14 12:50:08)

03-9087-2629Unknown call

"two calls were received from this number. One each to a different phone in the same household"
B ban(2022-11-14 01:43:35)

03-8561-5401Unknown call

"Yes, l did get a phone call and a message, l didn’t answer it. Very annoying!!"
Mick(2022-11-11 04:48:47)

08-7228-5262Unknown call

(2022-11-08 03:30:25)

03-8290-9241Unknown call

"I forgot to add on my previous comment they said they were ringing from Telstra & received a payment from us but didn't know what invoice it was paying."
Beth(2022-11-07 00:50:15)

03-8290-9241Unknown call

"Had a call from this number. Tried calling back but no answer. Then had another call this time it came up as (03)8290Beth-9000 but no-one answered.
(2022-11-07 00:47:50)

03-9005-8177Unknown call

"Norton Retailer"
Jane(2022-11-04 07:05:55)

08-9463-0866Unknown call

"Number was utilised by Mondial Telephone Fundraising."
W(2022-11-02 07:44:14)


"Number was utilised by Mondial Telephone Fundraising."
W(2022-11-02 07:43:49)


(2022-11-01 07:39:05)

02-9099-5688Unknown call

"Called my home number, did not leave a message. As this isn't in a commonly-used Sydney call centre range and I only very rarely get legitimate calls to my home number, I assume this to be an overseas scammer spoofing random Sydney numbers -- I would like there to be International cooperation in addressing this ability to spoof numbers. I've heard Australia doesn't let it happen from on-shore but can't stop incoming number spoofing from off-shore for some reason."
Eldon(2022-11-01 04:49:25)

0448-878-569Unknown call

"Many missed calls from this number. No voice or text messages left"
(2022-10-30 08:53:13)

03-9087-3644Unknown call

Nev(2022-10-29 06:47:21)

02-9416-7965Unknown call

"This number is a scam. They Keep calling my 12 year old daughters phone and it is becoming a joke"
Angry mum(2022-10-29 01:00:15)

0419-732-774Unknown call

"Unsolicited call at 4.25pm Friday. Rang and hung up. No message."
Bill(2022-10-28 06:01:37)

0428-721-008Unknown call

"unwanted caller or sales/scam."
(2022-10-28 04:18:38)

08-9362-1900Unknown call

"This number rings an noone talks"
(2022-10-27 15:24:32)


"called in the evening just prior to 6pm"
(2022-10-27 06:55:28)

03-7022-0808Unknown call

"Department of Education"
(2022-10-27 03:08:34)

02-4040-9856Unknown call

"Didn't answer their calls but they rang 3 times in the space of 30 mins. They didn't leave any message."
Lozza(2022-10-27 01:59:47)

0478-644-905Unknown call

"Must be urgent. Called six times in the space of two minutes. Didn't leave a voicemail or send a text."
Rosemary(2022-10-26 02:29:28)

03-8400-6905Unknown call

"Didn't answer call. Caller didn't leave message."
(2022-10-26 01:34:16)

03-9005-7591Text message

"This number was used in a spam email saying that I had purchased Bitcoin using Paypal and wanted me to ring the number"
Holly(2022-10-25 23:23:12)


"Some mob called Cornucopia, calling on behalf of the Royal Flying Doctor service (but that can't be confirmed)."
TTH(2022-10-25 03:34:33)

02-9190-7520Unknown call

"Hung up"
Phi(2022-10-24 06:24:45)

03-9598-5055Unknown call

"No ID. Self-disconnected after the usual robo-call 6 seconds."
Sicktodeathofthese(2022-10-24 04:37:12)

02-6013-4213Text message

I got a text message saying that my credit card paid about $ 800 for wooden furniture called Paroma abroad, so I need to call on 02-6013-4213.
I think this is a spam message because I did buy anything abroad.

Please let me know by email at [email protected]
Thanks in advance."
Paul(2022-10-24 03:14:47)

02-8000-8773Unknown call

"Picked up and I didn't say anything. They hanged up after 11 seconds."
(2022-10-24 02:22:41)

0411-084-456Text message

"Scam message about failed payment"
(2022-10-23 06:00:11)

0468-573-705Unknown call

"Automated repeating message in Asian language"
Em(2022-10-21 07:58:54)

0403-542-662Unknown call

"Unknown caller"
(2022-10-21 05:19:04)

0403-542-662Unknown call

"Unknown caller"
(2022-10-21 05:14:44)


"Prime Deals"
(2022-10-21 04:01:30)

0478-723-506Unknown call

"Keeps ringing, call back and no answer - text message said that I have their sim card but would not identify themselves. have blocked number and delete messages."
(2022-10-21 02:41:06)

08-6245-0437Unknown call

"Scammers know to ring off before message beep - no message left, so I don't call back."
Fed UP(2022-10-21 02:35:13)

0403-664-532Unknown call

"No call or text, but this number appeared beside two random transactions from my bank account for $70 each. I did not pay anything to this number, nor do I know who owns this number and I have clearly been hacked. I’m currently waiting to receive the money back from my bank and hopefully have the hackers account shut down"
J(2022-10-20 10:47:54)

03-9008-4301Unknown call

"It was short call with a pause before a thickly accented voice spoke. He was hard to follow, so I said it sounds like a scam call and I am ending it now."
(2022-10-20 02:34:57)


2 sets of 2 calls - missed
Maybe primus telecom
Blocked - spammer?"
NicName(2022-10-19 10:14:26)

0411-066-198Unknown call

(2022-10-19 04:56:02)

0400-338-288Unknown call

(2022-10-19 02:10:30)