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Recent comments:

0431-710-391Prank call

"Wanks while dirty texting escorts as a regular hobby and never proceeds with payment. Rude, entitled and fowl language when called out."
(2020-10-21 10:15:20)

08-6244-6147Unknown call

"Likely scammer, no message left"
(2020-10-21 05:32:00)

0414-750-944Unknown call

"Received unsolicited call didn't leave a msg"
(2020-10-21 04:44:33)

02-6050-1449Unknown call

"Abusive, arrogant, threatening and the company he represents have continually rang me on my mobile/home phones continually threatening to debit my credit call for a service (scam, malicious software downloaded on my computer 3 years ago and "cleaned") that I haven't used for 3 years, threatening "legal action" because I won't answer their calls and the list goes on. This company is on the Government Scam Alert website."
Watsonia(2020-10-21 04:43:59)

0425-067-888Unknown call

"I answered a call to this number but no one spoke. A few seconds of silence then they hung up."
(2020-10-21 03:57:02)

0419-703-380Unknown call

"When you call back the number it says disconnected.."
(2020-10-21 03:49:14)

0413-424-504Unknown call

"A recorded call claiming to be about my tax file number and imminent arrest"
(2020-10-21 03:17:22)

0410-554-264Unknown call

"Recorded message threatening that I owed taxes and would be arrested"
(2020-10-21 03:13:58)

0422-250-972Unknown call

"Don’t know who they are the link looks dodgy so never reply but kept sending"
Hate nuisance(2020-10-21 02:45:24)

08-6205-3420Unknown call

"Supposedly about a car accident I had in the previous 12 months. I havent driven or owned a car for 10 years."
Dawn(2020-10-21 02:42:39)

0415-232-263Unknown call

(2020-10-21 02:39:46)

0429-902-484Prank call

"Scam recorded service claiming to be from Amazon regarding renewal. Wants you to hit 1 to respond or speak to operator regarding change or cancellation of service."
Ozzie(2020-10-21 02:18:02)

0412-983-959Unknown call

"Phone call ATO tax file number scam. Hung up"
(2020-10-21 02:03:06)

0426-369-034Text message

"I received a text from this number claiming my package had been stopped at their depot and requesting me to tap on a link. I am not expecting any package and suspect a scam. I have blocked this number."
(2020-10-21 01:59:49)

0412-951-933Unknown call

"This number is for Sharon Thomas of Clive Cres Kepnock Qld 4670. She is conected to the Jehovahs Witnesses and annoys people sending them personalised letters which include her phone number 0412951933. I called her and told her to remove me from her mailing list and within 5 minutes of hanging up I recieved a call from her lasting 3 or 4 rings and then dropped out. annoying person."
God botherer Nut.(2020-10-21 01:40:36)

0429-902-484Unknown call

"Automated voice saying my Amazon Prime account will be auto-renewed (I don't have an Amazon Prime account!)"
(2020-10-21 01:15:30)

0423-130-911Unknown call

"My old Number"
Steven(2020-10-21 01:14:02)

0411-716-258Unknown call

"Received call, did not leave a message."
(2020-10-21 01:13:56)

0473-876-428Unknown call

"Call is from a spammer saying your TFN has been suspended"
(2020-10-21 00:55:35)

07-3238-1591Unknown call

"Robot voice "Amazon prime renewing your subscription" most likely a scammer."
(2020-10-21 00:52:00)

0474-085-080Unknown call

"I received a call at 12:25pm on Wednesday 21 October 2020, from a fellow with an Indian accent who claimed to be from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He asked whether or not I had made a transfer of $1800 to someone in the USA. I looked up my transactions as he was talking and no such transfer had been done. He was clearly a scammer. I then said I will check this with my bank branch, which is just about 300 metres away. He then stated that the branch won't be able to help me because such matters are centralised. I told him the branch has always helped me in such matters and that he was a liar and a scammer. He immediately hung up."
(2020-10-21 00:45:03)


(2020-10-21 00:36:26)

0426-190-691Unknown call

"They just hang up when you answer"
Rod(2020-10-21 00:29:00)

0415-983-823Unknown call

"This is a scam"
(2020-10-21 00:01:11)

02-8304-4987Unknown call

"Called my work mobile number, trying to sell Forex trading platform/ knowledge for a deposit of $100USD on registration of an account at"
(2020-10-21 00:00:30)

0428-875-293Prank call

(2020-10-20 23:44:53)

02-8409-3815Unknown call

"I do not know who keeps calling me from (02) numbers"
D(2020-10-20 23:44:16)


"SCAM - Amanda from the claims department"
(2020-10-20 23:34:38)

0437-597-880Unknown call

"This is a scammer. When answered an automatic answer states that your MS Windows subscription has been renewed. Not sure that how that works if you run an Apple system"
(2020-10-20 23:30:44)

0437-305-886Unknown call

"Claiming that my tax file number has been suspended and I have to go to court . I’ve never had a problem before . Must be a mistake"
(2020-10-20 23:28:45)

0482-533-479Unknown call

"Some recorded voice told that they suspended my TFN number.
It looks like fraud"
(2020-10-20 23:27:51)

0437-980-460Unknown call

"Recorded msg to renew microsoft support to cancel press 1"
(2020-10-20 23:15:33)

0437-155-812Text message

"They say they are Foxtel offering me free movies"
Robert(2020-10-20 23:11:44)

0411-209-094Text message

"Txt to me: who has this number pretty please"
(2020-10-20 23:04:59)

0412-997-017Unknown call

"A text saying "Stop picking on Dan!"

No idea who it was/is but it is now blocked."
(2020-10-20 22:59:15)

0415-819-342Unknown call

"BLOCK - SPAM CALL!! Recorded message in Mandarin and English - "Hello, this is the last notice of TNT international express""
(2020-10-20 22:58:50)

0497-871-712Unknown call

"Called then hung up without talking"
(2020-10-20 22:53:11)

0403-567-739Unknown call

"a text message"
(2020-10-20 22:35:45)

0460-175-675Unknown call

"Had a call from 0460 175 675 that I could not answer. Tried to call back and get a message that this number is not accepting incoming calls"
GG(2020-10-20 22:25:03)

0475-470-061Unknown call

"Name of owner please"
(2020-10-20 22:24:10)