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Recent comments:

02-9208-6711Prank call

"pranking my number with no message left"
Tyson(2018-09-28 21:44:50)

0470-296-518Unknown call

"Spam caller!"
(2018-09-28 01:22:40)

0477-429-587Unknown call

"Chinese Voice Message"
(2018-09-27 22:09:41)

07-3210-0557Unknown call

"This number called me - unable to call back - "Your call couldn't be connected""
Case(2018-09-27 21:09:47)

0410-932-077Prank call

"Made an abusive threatening sms on this number also on WhatsApp with this number."
(2018-09-27 19:07:08)

0412-986-797Unknown call

"Scam call. Received a phone call about an apparent car accident trying to get personal information. Well known scam"
Andrew(2018-09-27 01:03:41)

0439-536-088Unknown call

"Family breaker"
(2018-09-26 23:59:25)

0456-264-505Text message

"Scammed who wants to buy your car. Tries to meet in areas without many people and off hours. Avoid."
(2018-09-26 22:59:05)

0406-924-218Unknown call

"some kids used it to prank call me, which of course isn't bad, but done consistently, slightly annoying"
(2018-09-26 22:45:03)

0429-505-981Unknown call

"who phoned from this number"
(2018-09-26 20:45:59)


"This number is used by an non Australian overseas number that is trying to gain information for fraudulent purposes. In addition they make derogatory remarks about members of your phone numbers family eg Your mother f..ks deceased dogs (the one I got when I told him that his information was wrong and he was not telling the truth. Also this fellow definitely was not from Telstra"
IcyMarx(2018-09-26 05:14:33)

0409-037-281Unknown call

"A missed call"
(2018-09-26 03:34:38)

0407-126-809Unknown call

"Caller unknown but had access to home number plus mobile which is not given out. So where are they getting their info from?

Be wary"
Flossy(2018-09-25 19:38:56)

0409-909-907Unknown call

"Keep calling every week. Doesnt leave msg. Block this number"
(2018-09-25 08:25:06)

0412-613-901Prank call

"An Indian voice called and tried to tell me that it was in regards to a car accident i had a few months ago, which is news to me. After calling him a dickhead and a scammer i told him to Fuck off. He didnt try to contact me back"
(2018-09-25 05:30:21)

0431-688-860Unknown call

"Unwanted call"
(2018-09-25 04:31:29)

07-3210-1029Unknown call

"Nuisance caller; Did not leave a message or send a text or email."
Ron(2018-09-25 02:57:02)

0415-774-127Unknown call

"Nuisance call, asking if I had solar panels, then if I was the homeowner (no), then they hung up."
(2018-09-25 01:28:25)

0448-404-008Unknown call

"Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--"
327(2018-09-25 01:28:07)

0421-236-151Unknown call

"Thieving piece of not buy cold or arrange to from this nuff nuff!"
Unsatisfied.(2018-09-24 23:13:43)

02-6172-1158Prank call

"recorded message saying that it was a call from the ATO, that I owed the ATO money and potential imprisonment if I failed to comply"
(2018-09-24 21:56:56)

0490-781-306Unknown call

"Someone got a message bullying about a dead relative"
(2018-09-24 17:33:56)

02-8015-6802Unknown call

"24/9/18 - 02 8015-6845 phoned my iPhone at 12:46 hours. Location: Sydney. Landline. I did not pick up. Blocked.

24/9/18 - 02 8015-6802 phoned my iPhone at 16:48 hours. Just one ring. No message left. Blocked. I suspect same scammers who rang me on 6845."
(2018-09-24 02:57:39)

0425-423-102Unknown call

"Call me on my phone didn't leave a
Message not interested in these call."
Friend(2018-09-24 01:29:09)

0490-120-714Unknown call

"Answered but they hung up straight away. Call back goes to automated answer for a charity."
(2018-09-24 01:16:52)


"Thick indian accent did not like it when i called him back"
(2018-09-24 01:09:35)

08-9370-6133Unknown call

"no comment"
robbo(2018-09-24 00:08:51)

02-8015-6845Unknown call

"Phoned my mobile (messages only) on 16/9/18 at 12:12 hours. “Hang-up message”. I did not pick-up. Only came through on my messages. No option to block this number.

24/9/18 - 02 8015-6845 phoned my mobile at 12:46 hours. Location: Sydney. Landline. I did not pick up. Blocked."
(2018-09-23 23:05:04)

0401-379-036Unknown call

"This person has called me and threatening me."
Jaymes(2018-09-23 22:39:41)

02-4042-0001Unknown call

"Robo Call - Saturday afternoon about 4:10pm. No one on the line. Hangs up after 10 seconds. Probably telemarketing."
aussie13(2018-09-22 02:25:29)

0410-874-848Unknown call

"This guy is worth knowing.
He can source practically any item that's high end for very attractive prices."
Harvey(2018-09-21 23:21:58)


"Spam caller - 'solar panel rebate'"
Jez(2018-09-21 22:52:38)

0498-665-324Unknown call

"Be careful with this number, he accuses you of using his wi fi and then he threatens saying he will call the police"
(2018-09-21 04:12:03)

0407-938-175Unknown call

"I have had 2 calls from this number today. I have no idea who they are or what they want. They don't leave a message so i will not return their call"
(2018-09-20 23:37:25)

08-9467-6339Unknown call

"Missed call - called back and received voice-mail message stating that unless I call them back they would issue an arrest warrant - Total scam - scumballs!"
Concerned.(2018-09-20 23:31:59)

0412-804-937Unknown call

"OI dickhead"
Rretrdasd ajksmd nas zxjn adkj(2018-09-20 22:10:32)

03-9014-0518Unknown call

"SCAM - Robotic Automated message dumped as soon as the call is answered saying something on the lines of "this is the taxation office that a lawsuit case is being opened against you and to call back immediately or an arrest warrant will be sent against you"..... This will never happen. A message that is THIS important would never be sent via an AUTOMATED voice over a phone line where the delivery cannot be guaranteed that the person answering the call is the person the message is for. Not only that, there is NO NAME MENTIONED on the message which shows to be a "GENERIC MESSAGE" designed for ANYONE to be scared and make them to call them back, then... they have you. DO NOT CALL BACK!!! EVER!!"
Mutkey(2018-09-20 21:51:05)

0420-593-699Unknown call

"calling my phone and sending odd text messages"
bek(2018-09-20 08:08:10)

02-4974-0286Unknown call

"stop calling me"
Dick(2018-09-20 07:34:45)

0406-589-503Unknown call

"Called @ 5:45pm and hung up after 5 or so seconds of silence"
(2018-09-20 05:52:50)