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Recent comments:

0412-580-425Unknown call

"Someone who phones on a Saturday and can't be bothered actually leaving a voicemail to say who they were and what they wanted."
DMW(2018-05-26 09:23:01)

0455-123-420Text message

"Not sure who this is. I get a text with just Hello.
Second time this has happened. Probably a scammer
I will block number now"
Lozza(2018-05-26 03:04:34)

02-9541-0067Prank call

"I have received an unwanted call from this number."
AO(2018-05-25 20:43:27)

0422-283-029Unknown call

"Received call, with calling talking chinese."
(2018-05-25 20:23:42)

08-9466-0412Unknown call

"Unsolicited call"
(2018-05-25 08:53:56)

0408-832-250Unknown call

don(2018-05-25 08:44:58)

0420-118-290Unknown call

"constantly calls, nuisance"
(2018-05-25 06:24:02)

0499-977-661Prank call

"Guy called Nick harassing woman.. call the police otherwise he wont stop"
Sally(2018-05-25 05:45:17)

03-8260-0868Unknown call

"got a missed call from this # but didn't call back."
ai(2018-05-25 04:43:29)

0481-758-116Unknown call

(2018-05-25 04:34:15)

07-3062-0866Unknown call

"Repeated hang up messages but no voicemail message. I suspect it is a spam call"
(2018-05-25 02:02:51)

02-9618-0546Event reminder

"Mind Profile Psychology Clinic"
(2018-05-25 00:18:30)

02-9205-5171Unknown call

"Calls one week apart to the day and from the exact same number does not leave follow up message or text."
(2018-05-24 23:23:12)

02-6176-0717Unknown call

"Automated computer voice message claiming tax avoidance and arrest warrant issued."
Arthur(2018-05-24 22:24:55)


(2018-05-24 21:05:20)

0422-548-422Text message

"Yeah she got a nice voice"
Illlabashucacey(2018-05-24 17:37:42)

0423-817-745Prank call

"said his name is Abdul and returning my call, from a couple minutes ago........ except I never rang his number, checked my log, NO CALLS MADE from me in the last 2 hours"
(2018-05-24 06:43:01)

0458-926-769Unknown call

"Annoying people calling in middle of night, then stayed connected for very long time, voicemail was blurry chat between two or more ppl."
Ticked Off(2018-05-24 05:09:18)

02-9052-0313Unknown call

"Nuisance caller who doesn't speak when the phone is answered. Happened three times today in a four hour period."
Lou(2018-05-24 03:34:16)

02-6228-3952Unknown call

"Dodgy, offshore caller / call centre (on this occasion it was chinese) making nuisance or a phishing call. Just ignore."
CallMon(2018-05-24 01:01:43)

0407-823-646Unknown call

"This is a scammer or nuisance caller. Says he is calling from Hong Kong. When I call the number back it says the person is not available."
In Hobart(2018-05-24 00:21:32)


"Chinese automated message played as soon as I answered."
Bubbles(2018-05-23 23:11:57)

02-8595-0106Unknown call

"I received a call from this number with an automated message in another language which I could not understand."
(2018-05-23 22:02:08)

0455-458-360Unknown call

"I did not pick up the phone. The number is not on my list of known contacts"
(2018-05-23 21:51:33)

0437-295-232Unknown call

"Got a call from this number. The other side had a recorded message playing that was in Mandarin language. SO I hung up fearing a scam."
Morkie(2018-05-23 21:49:29)

0441-390-496Unknown call

"was left a whole voicemail in chinese. Strange. So I have no idea what they said"
wombo(2018-05-23 21:23:11)

0400-935-396Prank call

"I received a prank call from this number - the second call from a number registered to this business - different number yesterday."
(2018-05-23 20:00:43)

0438-804-586Unknown call

"I received a call at random and didn't answer for the fear of my penis being leaked to the internet"
(2018-05-23 06:21:29)

0406-868-205Unknown call

"Received unknown call left no message"
(2018-05-23 05:19:18)

0407-781-496Unknown call

"No one on other end talks"
Lene(2018-05-23 04:05:10)

0402-977-318Unknown call

"I answered this call. There was silence and then they hung up."
Brandy(2018-05-23 03:18:37)

0435-775-602Unknown call

"looking for blake.."
(2018-05-23 03:10:19)


"Call from this number to sell, claimed he had gotten my number from an internet site that I had entered"
(2018-05-23 03:01:01)

03-9028-8765Unknown call

"answered call but no response."
(2018-05-23 02:47:57)

02-8595-3896Unknown call

"Left a voicemail on my mobile, in Chinese."
(2018-05-23 01:34:15)

0402-818-170Unknown call

"answered the call and had no response, then the call ended. i called back and got a message (did not recognise the voice) saying "you've reached pete, please leave a message *blah *blah *blah""
paul(2018-05-23 00:55:51)

0402-973-208Prank call

"Just had a call from this number - no one said anything on the other end of the phone, just silence."
(2018-05-23 00:18:07)

03-9028-8779Unknown call

"They were cold calling my mobile - I just hung up"
Kayziek(2018-05-22 22:55:13)

0410-015-745Unknown call

"I got a missed call from them and I assume its a scammer especially about Bitcoin"
JJ(2018-05-22 22:31:09)

02-8310-0803Prank call

"Have had several calls from this number. I answer, they hang up."
(2018-05-22 22:18:54)