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Recent comments:

03-9904-0826Unknown call

"Scammer trying to say they are from the NBN and your connection will be shut down. Please be careful and NEVER allow them access to your PC. They will sound convincing but its an Indian based call centre who will request remote access to your PC.

Im a scammer baiter and had them on the phone for a while until I called them out and they promptly hung up on me. Dont be fooled.. Its 100% a scam and bogus, your NBN is fine"
Mike(2020-01-24 23:37:26)

02-9160-0361Unknown call

AM(2020-01-24 05:37:22)

08-6193-1209Unknown call

"24 Jan 2020 6:15PM exactly: call came in with WA prefix but i know nobody in WA so i let it ring out. I cannot find it on any scam/nuisance call list. But i am going to block this caller."
Xavier Z(2020-01-24 02:28:56)

07-5641-0444Unknown call

"It’s a scam!!! I repeat it’s a scam! Guy says hi name is John and it’s a loan company. Takes your money for “TAX PURPOSES” to secure you loan. Never receive your loan money. Doesn’t answer the phone when you call about your money back!!"
(2020-01-24 01:05:36)

03-9521-0902Unknown call

"Keep calling, no message left. Spam. Number is Melbourne, Vic."
(2020-01-23 23:23:21)

03-9114-0119Unknown call

"Caller made out he was from the NAB bank. Wanted to know personal details. Name was Mohammed. l checked with Nab and they didnt know anything anything what it was about. They think it is a scam. Caller was very calm and when l wouldnt give details he told me to contact NAB myself to be told what the call was about. BEWARE!!!!"
(2020-01-23 23:22:16)

02-8245-4383Unknown call

"Macquarie Home Loans"
(2020-01-23 21:51:46)

02-8897-0803Unknown call

"Scam call"
(2020-01-23 20:52:46)


"Spam Caller - Telemarketer.
Call takes a while to connect, static line and eventually cuts out.
Man with accent thinks my surname is my first name. Call cut out before i could get the full sales pitch."
(2020-01-23 20:51:06)


"Spam Caller - Telemarketer.
Call takes a while to connect, static line and eventually cuts out.
Man with accent thinks my surname is my first name. Call cut out before i could get the full sales pitch."
(2020-01-23 20:49:53)

02-6704-4587Unknown call

"Received an automated call from 026704 4587 - internet has been hacked and will be disconnected."
(2020-01-23 20:34:56)

03-8804-0731Unknown call

"Persistent calls from this number. No message ever left."
(2020-01-23 19:50:59)

02-8003-5843Unknown call

"The owner of this number just called out of the blue and started threatening me and my family, after which he blocked me so if you get a call from this number ignore it"
Andrew(2020-01-23 19:38:00)

02-6763-0914Unknown call

"Hi hi"
(2020-01-23 02:57:05)

03-9009-0477Unknown call

"Keeps ringing my phone and dosn't answer. This is getting to be a nuisance call which I'm going to complain to the police about. The Gov should be stopping these calls as they are clearly a waste of our time and not necessary."
Alice(2020-01-23 02:41:28)

02-9519-0052Unknown call

"The person calling from this number is crazy."
(2020-01-22 23:42:36)

02-9053-0966Unknown call

"Receiving unknown caller calls from this number. Hang up without leaving a message."
(2020-01-22 23:09:56)


"Spam caller"
(2020-01-22 22:36:20)

02-8989-0093Unknown call

"This number rang, I answered. No one there. Annoying. I tried ringing it back. The message said the number had been disconnected"
(2020-01-22 05:04:05)

02-8002-9410Unknown call

"male called, see below - when you call the number back on a mobile Optus says the number is disconnected, but i rang the number back on my work landline and rings 3 times then disconnects
Me; Hello
Male: hello Abbey
Me; hello
Male; Abbey (hangs up phone)"
(2020-01-21 23:55:16)

07-5525-0785Event reminder

"Dr Surgery"
(2020-01-21 22:41:06)

02-8459-4517Unknown call

"I called back the number (02) 8459 4517 and reached vm that said I reached RSPCA Pet Insurance"
(2020-01-21 17:56:49)

08-9000-0853Unknown call

"Says something dental asked for the location said from Piccadilly , Irish girl speaking"
Loe(2020-01-21 17:46:43)

02-8333-1300Unknown call

"I have been given this number as a potential client. When I tried calling it I was met with almost a fax type of noises. I suspect it is an unlisted number being used as a false number."
Not Carrie Charming(2020-01-21 14:01:53)

02-4326-0844Unknown call

"Someone called Amy rang to say I had won 4 days 3 nights in Disney for a small surcharge fee of $247. I listened for awhile until I realised it wasn’t legitimate. Waste of my time!"
(2020-01-20 23:08:36)

03-8583-1067Unknown call

"Unwanted call from this number - Answered and no reply on other end."
JRod(2020-01-20 21:57:04)

02-6930-6937Unknown call

"Robocall computer will be disconnected, press 1 to connect to an electrician. same received from 2061509481, 0266589424."
JR(2020-01-20 02:05:29)

08-9467-5876Unknown call

"Spam call re car accident"
Kel Wilson(2020-01-20 02:01:13)


"some advertising supply company that will haunt you forever, -stay away, block this number"
(2020-01-19 23:28:44)

02-8310-6980Unknown call

"Scam Call"
Nik(2020-01-19 22:02:42)

02-8310-0980Unknown call

"Scam call related to stock invesment"
Nik(2020-01-19 22:01:24)

02-8075-0420Unknown call

"This is a 'dead line' call from either a scam, rogue seller, or a phisher. Just hang up."
Hallie(2020-01-16 22:07:22)

02-6209-0480Unknown call

(2020-01-16 00:10:47)

02-8085-4488Unknown call

"Suspected spammer. Received call, but when I picked it up no one answered. Unable to call back as it does not connect."
(2020-01-15 22:55:23)

02-8314-1507Unknown call

"Received a call from this number but no one answered when i picked it up. Suspected Spammer"
(2020-01-15 22:53:55)

08-7078-0719Event reminder

"rexel training"
(2020-01-15 04:27:43)

0476-156-816Text message

"this number was given to me through a facebook message from a scam/hacked account (they hacked my brothers account and messaged me).
I was told to message them in WhatsApp and claim my big money prize. I then scammed the scammer with their own number."
bella(2020-01-15 03:00:44)

07-5641-0204Unknown call

"They just called, I missed it"
(2020-01-15 01:11:05)

0464-061-570Unknown call

"Start 0464 xxx xxx is Chinese doggy phone number, please do not respond and report to police."
K(2020-01-15 00:11:50)

0475-694-820Unknown call

"(0475) 694-820 is Chinese doggy phone number, please do not respond anything and report to police."
Mg(2020-01-15 00:08:46)