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Recent comments:


"hate it"
(2018-04-16 06:28:47)

0428-723-490Unknown call

"don't know"
(2018-04-16 05:43:24)

07-4932-1963Prank call

"Someone rang from this number claiming to be from Telstra asking me for details about my internet as apparently it wasn’t working properly. I hung up on them."
(2018-04-16 04:35:58)

08-6365-0471Unknown call

"15 calls on auto redial in a matter of minutes and still ongoing
Unsure if it is a system failure through the switchboard or this is harassment.
I answered the first three times to have nothing on the other end my initial first thoughts were skam holding me on the line to retrieve all my details."
Jasmyn(2018-04-16 02:52:30)


"Sales person"
(2018-04-16 02:26:47)

0439-086-316Prank call

(2018-04-16 02:18:13)

07-5535-0591Unknown call

"Weird.... thought call might be from friend who is now in hospital. So rang back!!!!!!!

They hung up on me without saying anything."
Mandy(2018-04-16 01:58:32)

02-8853-6443Prank call

"Unwanted Call, hung up on answering call"
(2018-04-16 01:08:46)

03-9942-7921Unknown call

"I had a missed call."
Clint(2018-04-16 00:22:09)

02-6228-0195Unknown call

"Unwanted call. When answering recorded advertising/hold music in language other than english."
(2018-04-15 23:31:03)

07-4965-0274Unknown call

"Got a call from this number. When I called back it immediately disconnected. From Gladstone, Queensland."
Anon(2018-04-15 23:11:08)

0466-405-053Text message

"suspected Gumtree scammers ,, text you to buy stuff, then ask you for address & then never show up or answer any further calls or replies to messages,, call them , never reply,,,"
jay(2018-04-15 22:48:42)

02-6228-0753Unknown call

"Unsolicited call when answered person spoke in Chinese then I hung up"
(2018-04-15 21:11:12)

02-8046-0289Unknown call

"I didn't answer the call. They didn't leave a voicemail. I've never enquired about cryptocurrency, so I'm there is no reason for them to have called me."
(2018-04-15 20:15:34)

02-6228-3680Unknown call

"Not sure why calling assume it's spam."
s(2018-04-15 20:12:38)

0450-828-482Yellow page info

"this is a photography place number but i dont know the name of it"
(2018-04-15 17:21:26)

0417-777-635Unknown call

(2018-04-15 01:21:45)

0401-244-245Unknown call

Plod(2018-04-14 07:06:28)

02-8098-5641Unknown call

"I received this call yesterday on my mobile but didn't answer it and they didn't leave me a message"
Barb(2018-04-14 02:51:00)


"A supposed "insurance" company trying to scam people recently involved in motor vehicle accidents."
(2018-04-13 21:20:39)

0410-228-491Unknown call

"This person will use your services and not pay. Get your money up front."
Tracker(2018-04-13 20:24:27)


Tbob(2018-04-13 19:59:41)

03-5210-0214Unknown call

"It came up as a missed call. Strange as we did not hear the phone ring, but may have been out. It seems to have been from Bitcoin"
(2018-04-13 07:56:33)

0421-788-968Unknown call

"This guy initially called me earlier on the day and it was a missed call, when I called him back asking who this is he said it was the wrong number. then about 5 hours later he called me with a strange message saying :-

ring a ding ding, you have reached the king. I said and? then he hangs up."
(2018-04-13 05:54:53)

02-4628-0190Unknown call

"Unknown number
Multiple calls made
No message left"
(2018-04-13 05:24:57)

03-9028-2433Unknown call

"This is a spam number"
(2018-04-13 05:16:52)

02-9287-0612Unknown call

"They called my phone looking for my brother but would not tell me where they were calling from or what the matter was about. They called on private number but did give me a direct number for my brother to call them back on. Still not sure where the hell they called from but googled the number and this came up for Bitcoin."
C(2018-04-13 02:19:00)

03-6122-0480Unknown call

"They did not answer"
Vonnie(2018-04-13 01:17:38)

03-6122-0480Unknown call

"No one spoke"
Vonnie(2018-04-13 01:15:44)

0427-634-211Unknown call

"Had a missed call and tried to phone back but it went straight to voicemail."
(2018-04-13 00:44:01)

0418-599-515Unknown call

"This is Peter Judd, Group Editorial Newsroom Operations Manager, News Corp Australia.

Phone number confirmed on"
Peter Judd(2018-04-13 00:36:34)

08-9632-5236Unknown call

"bogus telstra"
(2018-04-13 00:12:04)

08-9632-5236Unknown call

"Pretends to be Telstra , bogus"
(2018-04-13 00:10:27)

0420-485-119Unknown call

"Call on landline"
Max(2018-04-12 20:27:02)


"Tried to call the number back and received recorded info message " this number has redistricted incoming call restrictions"
sounds like a a rubbish call to me"
(2018-04-12 06:12:02)

0407-803-544Unknown call

"Unsolicited cLl"
chris(2018-04-12 03:48:06)

0474-635-847Unknown call

"There kept asking me who I was"
(2018-04-12 03:17:12)

08-6169-0651Unknown call

"Called me, I answered, no sound from other end. They hung up."
Phil(2018-04-12 01:54:21)

02-8042-0443Unknown call

"called my business, was from NDIS ("
(2018-04-11 23:30:27)


"This is most definitely telemarketing. All the numbers with the pre-fix 0489-283-___ have something to do with Bitcoin marketing. I received a call with from one of these numbers this morning but didn't answer. The exact number isn't listed here but it has this prefix. Scrolling through all the numbers with this prefix they are all coming from the same place."
Ruth(2018-04-11 23:16:10)