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Recent comments:

0415-529-876Text message

"Look out ladies. This chick is a liar and a thief AND A FUCKING WHORE! caught my bf (now ex) msging back and forth arranging a blow n go in his car somewhere!!! She's a crack whore slut. If your man has this number in his phone dump him."
Angrybitch(2018-08-12 13:42:08)

0499-955-900Unknown call

"Kath Day Knight of Kath & Kim"
(2018-08-12 13:37:35)

0409-952-052Text message

" member"
(2018-08-12 06:35:29)

0459-528-140Unknown call

"Jonny Jamajar (spelling?), noosa-tewantin, Gympie areas. Do not trust, Drug Addict, Parasite."
Um-D Know(2018-08-12 00:40:54)

0478-397-600Unknown call

"An automated message in Mandarin"
(2018-08-11 22:27:33)

0422-856-995Unknown call

"Called in early hours of the morning. Hung up"
(2018-08-11 12:38:42)

0432-515-952Unknown call

"Not known"
(2018-08-11 09:03:03)

0432-515-952Unknown call

"Unknown caller"
(2018-08-11 05:58:14)

0422-560-883Unknown call

"Unwanted call"
Maya(2018-08-11 03:13:26)

0499-929-292Unknown call

"The man that owns this number is a paranoid schizophrenic who rips people off and carries illegal firearms that aren't registered he also a perves at other males in public toilets.Drug dealer."
Mohammed ozmen(2018-08-10 07:05:20)


"When you ring this number back its disconnected. It appears to be some sort of scam."
Greg(2018-08-10 01:30:49)

0478-397-131Unknown call

"Dodgy as.. let it ring out, no msg left. Put numbering private and called back 2 minutes later and got the automated Optus response 'Optus wishes to advise that the number called has been disconnected.'
And the location it originated from was smack bang in the middle of the country. Like dead center... Shifty as F*#@"
David(2018-08-10 00:12:29)

07-4602-0385Unknown call

"1300 Dentist"
(2018-08-09 21:40:21)

0499-939-708Unknown call

"Unknown call with no response from caller after picking up."
Person1(2018-08-09 20:32:10)

0478-307-508Unknown call

"Didn't take the call as it was a number I did not recognize, but was left a voice message. Turns out that it is an automated tone in Chinese. Definitely a scam"
(2018-08-09 19:27:51)

0487-551-230Unknown call

"Who's this is"
(2018-08-09 08:31:24)

0478-397-758Unknown call

"Chinese speaking recording message. Scam."
(2018-08-09 02:54:11)


"Wanted my bank acc details for suspected fraud.
Becarefull .very tricky person. And likes to argue the point."
Les(2018-08-09 02:26:17)

0478-397-775Unknown call

"I received a call from this number but when tried to call it back I received a message that Optus advises that this number has been disconnected. Also I received a voice message from this number in Chinese language."
aa(2018-08-09 02:16:30)


"Life insurance call"
(2018-08-09 01:41:40)

0488-824-513Unknown call

"Dont know this number. Location originated Sydney Opera House area NSW. Suspected scammer."
(2018-08-09 01:40:26)

02-8311-0375Unknown call

"Never ever signed up to bitcoin and Im so sick and tired of receiving about 5 calls a day from
Them but different numbers!"
Unknown(2018-08-09 01:31:34)

02-4399-0735Unknown call

"Unsolicited call.
Didn't pick up."
(2018-08-08 22:19:23)

07-5655-3699Unknown call

"William Hill was ringing to inform they are changing their name."
(2018-08-08 19:25:34)

0424-589-455Unknown call

(2018-08-08 16:21:28)

0425-228-591Unknown call

"Thanks for sharing this info. it’s really nice."
johnray(2018-08-08 07:46:37)

0425-228-591Prank call

"Thanks for sharing this info. it’s really nice."
(2018-08-08 07:46:16)

0466-832-870Unknown call

"Mandarin language message asking to press 9, then pay tax debt in China."
(2018-08-08 06:54:26)

0409-717-704Unknown call

"This number was used to make a false Facebook page in my name. Good luck sucker, you are gone, toast."
Tried to hack me(2018-08-08 06:13:05)

02-8632-0192Unknown call

"I have been receiving calls lately from this number. After receiving call gets disconnected and when I return call back, I get automated voice saying"The number you have called is incomplete or not connected"."
(2018-08-08 05:56:22)


"chinese spam. optus number"
(2018-08-08 03:27:31)

0417-186-963Unknown call

"received phone call from this number, Foreign speaking - chines, Japanese sounding language."
(2018-08-08 02:04:56)

0412-874-447Prank call

"Telstra Scamer"
(2018-08-08 01:46:31)

02-8972-0714Unknown call

(2018-08-08 01:41:58)

0405-601-284Text message

"Scam text message saying I'd won something from Air NZ and needed to email a dodgy looking email address. Blocked."
(2018-08-08 01:13:15)

0417-181-934Unknown call

"Received a call from this number it was a recorded message in Chinese. I believe it was trying to scam money out of Chinese nationals living here in Oz"
Larry(2018-08-08 00:42:56)

02-4372-6520Unknown call

"Phone rang on landline, but nobody there and then hung up."
Fay(2018-08-08 00:21:35)

0409-619-191Unknown call

"Hang up calls scam I am guessing"
Matt(2018-08-08 00:18:24)

0422-937-391Unknown call

"Scammers trying to con you into advertising in a magazine that you haven’t aurthorized.. Emergency services magazine and the guys name was Joe Cooper"
(2018-08-07 23:15:11)


brad(2018-08-07 21:55:03)