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Recent comments:

0423-219-960Yellow page info

"His name is Paul smith. Aka eclipse pools / diy xpress/ do not trust him. He takes people's money & runs. Authorities are on to him so do not do business with him."
Victim(2017-08-18 04:42:14)

0472-549-633Prank call

"Abusive caller"
(2017-08-17 23:31:45)

0409-528-883Unknown call

"tranny line, gay line, phone sex, gay sex, tranny sex, crossdresser"
(2017-08-17 20:10:55)

0458-717-252Prank call

"This person claimed to be Sam French.
started texting by saying "hi hottie"
after asking who it was and how they got the number-Sam started to make inappropriate compliments, followed by some unwanted provocative photos of a woman."
Sam French(2017-08-17 19:31:07)

0478-738-664Text message

"Multiple would like to know who they are"
(2017-08-17 18:29:52)

0459-334-654Text message

"MMS received at 1.40am from this number. Unknown to me and seems suspicious at this time of night."
Roze(2017-08-17 13:17:51)

0455-346-916Unknown call

"Who this"
God(2017-08-17 03:41:07)

0478-125-792Text message

"It's a woman but calls all strange times and spams my messages"
Ako(2017-08-17 02:41:08)

0434-338-338Prank call

"This number is a spam. It rings, but no one speaks out. DO not answer especially call back. happened several times so I just became frustrated and decided to report this number."
Nick(2017-08-16 23:16:05)

0413-826-603Unknown call

"possible prank calls - hangs up when answer"
(2017-08-16 20:56:08)

0408-679-281Unknown call

"Received a call from this number at 9pm, I answered and the caller hung up. Called back immediately and it we through to some rude sounding woman's voicemail saying leave and message or even better send a txt.

Some people have no common courtesy, how hard is it to say "sorry to disturb you, I called the wrong number""
(2017-08-16 07:28:23)

0400-573-345Unknown call

"rang 6am in the morning - no message left"
(2017-08-16 06:40:32)

0434-516-184Unknown call

"My mate Joe"
Kat(2017-08-16 03:21:03)

0420-973-702Unknown call

"Got a call from this number which I never heard it rang so I am assuming it wants me to call back so I did. Recorded message .." Woolworths Insurance...pls hold the line someone will be with you shortly".
I hang up because I never recalled filing up a form, etc."
Monty(2017-08-16 01:55:45)

0421-802-855Unknown call

"Top bloke"
Ham(2017-08-16 01:00:37)


"I received a call from this number from a male asking what my name was, on asking who called the person mumbled and followed to hang up.
Believe it to be a telemarketer."
Ham(2017-08-16 00:58:39)

0413-826-603Unknown call

"Received a call from 0413 826 603, i answered the call and they hung up. I called the number and get a message this mobile is not receiving calls."
AZ(2017-08-15 21:24:47)

0474-495-159Unknown call

"someone rang me from this number and said that he wants to buy me ... sick old man."
(2017-08-15 06:15:47)


"A news ace call telemarketers."
Lockhaw(2017-08-15 04:24:24)

0470-398-840Unknown call

(2017-08-15 01:38:48)

0418-464-030Unknown call

(2017-08-15 01:37:59)

0457-935-175Unknown call

"Unwanted number"
(2017-08-15 00:20:28)

03-8565-2255Unknown call

"Automated phone call, appeared to be speaking Mandarin. Had 2 pauses for responses, and when no responses were given, the call ended."
(2017-08-14 21:47:52)

03-8565-0255Unknown call

"Automated phone call, appeared to be speaking Mandarin. Had 2 pauses for responses, and when no responses were given, the call ended."
(2017-08-14 21:47:00)

0414-414-706Unknown call

Ot(2017-08-14 17:23:00)

0418-788-376Unknown call

"Got a text 'You in Sydney?'"
(2017-08-14 08:10:06)

03-8616-0465Unknown call

"Several calls from this number. They hang up before call can be answered. No voice mail."
(2017-08-14 05:06:56)

0428-647-443Unknown call

(2017-08-14 00:43:07)

02-6064-2309Unknown call

"Received a call from a prerecorded message stating that they were from the Australian Tax Office and to call this number back and speak to an Alexander Lee. This message interjected my name into the message stating that it is urgent to call them back because of tax fraud and avoidance, it was quite abrupt. I believe that this was a scammer."
(2017-08-13 21:14:08)

0442-895-393Text message

"Sent text with clickbait."
(2017-08-13 19:24:36)

0423-294-513Text message

"Harassing backpage tranny escorts. His name is Mark from Quirindi, NSW. He's been reported to the police and blocked from contacting me."
(2017-08-13 00:28:37)

0422-597-505Prank call

"Abusive phone call"
(2017-08-12 12:15:55)

0438-811-717Yellow page info

"Elaren Security"
(2017-08-11 23:58:16)

0428-294-513Text message

"Ugly as fuck. If you're a transsexual escort, avoid this guy lol utterly disgusting"
(2017-08-11 09:36:11)

0401-978-301Unknown call

(2017-08-11 08:05:27)

0457-837-608Text message

"Friend receiving unwanted texts pretending to be someone else"
(2017-08-11 06:42:49)

0478-635-273Unknown call

"This the realest nigga alive on YEEZY"
vlone thug(2017-08-11 04:51:14)

02-6190-0616Unknown call

"Had a call from this number and an automated voice mail message left that said my name had been entered into litigation and my house was under surveillance.
Sounds very much like scammers"
(2017-08-11 03:37:15)

0411-432-505Unknown call

"phone call with no message bank"
(2017-08-10 23:37:45)

0463-883-994Prank call

"Scam call from ATO"
(2017-08-10 23:30:38)