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Recent comments:

02-8661-3502Prank call

"They said that were from Department of Human Affairs about illegal activity happening under my name"
Jules(2020-07-26 20:21:13)

0498-345-772Unknown call

"Scammer. Don't answer."
(2020-07-25 12:02:03)

0483-221-304Unknown call

"Scammer. Don't answer."
(2020-07-25 12:00:01)

02-8382-2360Unknown call

(2020-07-25 11:56:02)

0438-920-586Text message

"He sexy"
(2020-07-24 10:00:54)

08-9219-9807Unknown call

"Received a call claiming they were from human affairs. Telling me there was a criminal offence been lodged in my name. Wanted me to choose an option on my phone. I hung up"
(2020-07-24 04:45:50)

08-9216-4334Prank call

"Potential scam - recorded message saying they were from Home Affairs and my name had been used in several illegal activities and a warrant for my arrest had been issued... press 1 to speak to a Home Affairs officer."
(2020-07-24 03:04:59)


"calling from Asian countries and talking about reducing utility bills."
(2020-07-24 02:52:53)

02-8868-1576Unknown call

"So not know this number. Never left a message.
Assume a marketing or scam call"
(2020-07-24 01:37:33)

08-6205-3311Unknown call

"Rang me, i answered in clear tone asking who is calling, they hung up !"
(2020-07-24 01:18:41)


"Web designers offer"
Damo(2020-07-24 01:18:09)

08-7150-1849Unknown call

"Received a few phone calls from 08 7150 1849. Called back - switch off or unavailable. A bit strange for a landline."
(2020-07-24 01:15:24)

02-8578-7510Unknown call

"Missed Call. Did not leave a message."
(2020-07-24 01:03:27)

02-8576-1827Unknown call

"Chinese language spam."
(2020-07-24 00:03:51)

02-6228-6066Unknown call

"recording of woman raving on in Chinese"
(2020-07-23 23:05:16)

02-6007-9222Unknown call

"Got a call from this number, and it left a voicemail with a lady's voice speaking in Mandarin. I didn't understand it except I know she said "DHL" . May be one of those scams that mention an undelivered parcel that needs to be claimed but asks for your personal details first."
C K(2020-07-23 23:04:46)


"Timewasting call centre muppets"
Rodney Reason(2020-07-23 22:33:34)

03-8825-3903Unknown call

"Said they were from Telstra re my connection speed."
(2020-07-23 22:00:55)

02-6228-8523Unknown call

"Female voice, Chinese language"
(2020-07-23 21:15:19)

08-9217-6662Unknown call

"Scam claiming to be from Home Affairs - legal case against me
Recorded robot voice
Hung up and blocked number"
(2020-07-23 21:08:20)

02-8929-7171Unknown call

"I received a phone call from this number with an automated message saying there were multiple legal cases being lodged under my name and that the department of home affairs was investigating them. It then said press 1 to speak to an officer from the department of home affairs. When i tried to call this number back, it said it was not connected. I suspect fraudulent activity / scammers are to blame here."
(2020-07-23 20:45:29)

02-6228-2098Unknown call

"Chinese recorded message"
(2020-07-23 20:39:37)

02-6228-7904Prank call

"Recorded scam in Chinese"
(2020-07-23 20:30:19)

0478-173-960Unknown call

"Electronic recording woman's voice stating my broadband is going to be turned off in 24 hours unless i dial 1 and speak to the technician. I have received this call twice before and have hung up. I have been caught before by a scam and will never answer a call like this again."
Wendy(2020-07-23 20:04:21)

08-6193-5010Unknown call

14 July 2020 - 2.53pm
16 July 2020 - 10.47am
23 July 2020 - 2.52pm"
HJGM(2020-07-23 03:00:34)

02-5124-2788Unknown call

"who does this number belong to I do not know - got phone call, do not have listed in contacts"
(2020-07-23 00:52:41)

08-9219-5733Prank call

"Fraudulently activities detected on this number.

Automated voice (American accent) suggesting call originates from the "Department of Homeland Security" and that my identity has been used in a number of illegal activities. The user is requested to dial 1 to speak to an agent. The call is transferred to an Indian call centre (based on the accent and background noise) where the agent asks for first / last name, and confirmed that my file was found. To confirm identity, I was asked to provide my address details. The agent hung up when he couldn't find 'scherzare' street in a local suburb."
(2020-07-22 23:56:29)

08-9216-9665Unknown call

"This is a scam call that plays a recorded message, which will falsely claim that your identity has been used illegally and is now under investigation."
Jay(2020-07-22 23:54:01)

08-9212-2446Unknown call

"Received a SCAM call for an arrest warrant."
Anki(2020-07-22 23:53:49)

02-8999-5716Unknown call

"Calls you but doesn't speak. If you call it back, get Optus message about mobile disconnected"
Rog(2020-07-22 23:05:02)

08-9210-6610Unknown call

"they call saying your identity has been stolen and being used for illegal activity. best not to pick up"
(2020-07-22 23:01:33)

08-9212-0517Unknown call

"Seems like a spam call. was recorded message to select option 1 ."
(2020-07-22 21:46:45)


(2020-07-22 21:26:02)

0457-268-664Prank call

(2020-07-22 20:43:17)

03-9868-6017Unknown call

"Keep getting a call from the number"
Lucy(2020-07-22 15:28:29)

02-8705-2163Unknown call

"It’s an answer machine."
Weng(2020-07-22 08:03:38)

08-9219-5173Prank call

"Received an abusive, threatening artificial message from this number suggesting that I would have to go to gaol in I didn't do something. I have blocked this number."
(2020-07-22 07:39:02)

03-9802-7349Unknown call

"Call me"
(2020-07-22 06:52:25)

02-8006-8679Unknown call

"Don't trust this finance company. They are a scam. They steal your money and hack your bank account."
Jeffrey(2020-07-22 05:26:20)

08-9216-2497Unknown call

"Call claiming to be department of home affairs. Called back and they said they were busy"
(2020-07-22 03:45:53)