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Recent comments:

03-9479-2663Unknown call

"The number belongs to the La Trobe University Psychology Clinic."
(2018-07-19 01:00:44)

02-8972-0714Unknown call

(2018-07-19 00:53:38)


"If you did not answer & call back later - the number has been disconnected"
Paul(2018-07-18 23:07:14)


"Had a missed call from this number .It left a voice mail. seemed like a automated Chinese caller . Have had other calls similar to this from other 0417 numbers"
(2018-07-18 19:05:55)


"Had a missed call .. it left a voice mail it seemed like an automated Chinese caller"
(2018-07-18 19:02:59)

08-6245-0542Unknown call

"Two phone calls within a minute of each other - no voice message left"
(2018-07-18 17:11:06)

0448-233-460Unknown call

"This person is fraud!"
(2018-07-18 06:15:21)

0497-694-822Text message

"Poorly worded text from unknown sender:
"congrats u have just lost Michael his son o well u to will suit each other now with no children u lost urs and and u made Michel lose his good job""
(2018-07-18 03:01:59)


"Call from some guy wanting to get me a cheaper mortgage. I asked him to send me details by text of his office and I would arrange an appointment in my own time. He said he would. Never did but rang back later that evening asking had I received the text and wanted to set up a quote over the phone. Thinks its a scam."
bob(2018-07-18 02:50:16)

0432-387-106Prank call

"Received a call from this number from someone speaking in Chinese. I could not understand them so hung up. Tried to call back but the phone rings for two rings then cuts out."
Unwanted call(2018-07-18 02:27:52)

0431-817-600Unknown call

"Unwanted phone call from this number. Indian telemarketer claimed my car had been in an accident. News to me."
(2018-07-18 01:37:27)

0434-379-762Unknown call

"This sim card has been listed as lost and the number removed from the system"
(2018-07-18 00:36:37)

03-9242-6255Unknown call

"Keep getting call from above no. but do not know who this is and they don't leave a message."
DeFlower(2018-07-17 23:56:19)

0432-664-377Unknown call

"A male caller (non-English speaking background).
Called my mobile re my car accident in the last 12-months.
Obvious scam - I have not had a car accident or any kind of accident.
Told him he should be ashamed of trying to rip people off with calls like this.
He started to say "oh no no no... as I hung up."
JHKLM(2018-07-17 23:48:43)

0417-465-082Prank call

"Chinese speaking. It's a fraudulent call."
(2018-07-17 22:23:03)

02-8745-0885Unknown call

"Asking if I needed help designing a website."
(2018-07-17 20:54:10)

03-9457-6953Prank call

"Indian accent. He said my computer was being hacked. Scammer"
NotThatGullible(2018-07-17 06:24:58)

07-5493-0403Unknown call

"It is a spam related to bitcoin and other pseudo currency"
(2018-07-16 17:59:06)

02-8595-0247Unknown call

"stop calling me you idiot - claims he is being scammed"
(2018-07-16 16:23:37)


"Spam about bitcoin trying to get bank details"
Skutzy(2018-07-16 01:49:19)

0406-950-338Text message

(2018-07-15 15:52:15)

0434-404-900Text message

"The text message was sexual."
(2018-07-15 15:46:02)

0404-174-608Unknown call

"Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange - Signup to Binance Exchange"
(2018-07-15 03:14:08)

0458-453-010Unknown call

"Foreign sounding caller trying to tell me I had been in a car accident"
(2018-07-14 23:20:35)

0413-786-850Prank call

"prank call"
(2018-07-14 05:05:58)

03-9559-6041Unknown call

"Called, Answered with hello? And 7 seconds of silence then they hung up"
(2018-07-14 02:42:31)

02-8321-0776Unknown call

"This number has called me a couple of times 2 days in a row and when I answer they say nothing. So now it goes to AUTO REJECT LIST!"
MC(2018-07-13 05:28:25)

0434-620-711Unknown call

"Stop calling! We know you're a scam! -"
We're watching you!(2018-07-13 02:37:48)

0423-951-788Unknown call

"Got a call from an Indian guy saying that I had been in an accident and that I was being sued. As I am aware of the scam I started laughing and they hung up, when I called the number back it took a long time to go through, but was redirected to another persons phone named Julie. Seems their technology is better and they are using existing numbers to make calls or they are redirecting incoming calls to other unsuspecting peoples phones. As usual our government can't or won't do anything to stop them"
Switched On(2018-07-12 23:33:18)

08-9663-0007Unknown call

"Re dail gives number not connected.."
Ddr(2018-07-12 20:53:16)

0415-150-648Text message

"Received scam text message:

“You have an unclaimed inheritance on your Surname kindly contact this email: for more details

Lisa Jack“"
Lucy(2018-07-12 20:31:48)

0470-129-663Unknown call

"Robo call in Mandarin or Cantonese (not sure). Should probably hang up."
(2018-07-12 18:02:17)

02-6621-4775Unknown call

"I keep getting calls from this number but when I answer it clicks and drops off. When I try to ring back it simply rings out."
(2018-07-12 02:01:32)

0421-586-842Unknown call

"A man with a strong accent (Indian?) calling me to tell me something about my broadband - he was difficult to understand. He kept restarting his spiel and asking me if I could hear him. I said I could hear him and asked him why he was calling me. He started again and again asked if I could hear him. I hung up. The same number phoned me again so I let it go to the answering machine - no message was left. Most likely a spammer."
J(2018-07-12 00:12:03)

02-8595-0827Unknown call

"Scam caller. Do not even answer!"
(2018-07-11 23:21:05)

0409-639-392Unknown call

"semi regular calls to my mobile"
irritated(2018-07-11 22:59:07)

0473-360-367Unknown call

"This is an asian prostitute in perth"
Dung beetle(2018-07-11 16:54:16)

0434-678-073Unknown call

"This number belong(s/ed) to a Melbourne prostitute & florist, named Eloise Nouvelle."
(2018-07-11 08:24:15)

0488-879-047Unknown call

"Very unsure about this possibly French male who states he is currently in Australia. One site claims his age is 48 but another says 67. Phone number registers in USA France and Australia."
(2018-07-11 04:56:57)

0436-146-196Unknown call

"Got a call from here but when i try to call back it says call failed... seems suspicious"
Suzie(2018-07-11 04:31:59)