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Recent comments:

02-8245-0338Unknown call

"Had a call from this number asking the sale price on a property. They said they were from Macquarie Bank but I'm skeptical. I tried calling it back again and it rang out."
Mat(2017-12-06 20:48:58)

0449-151-918Unknown call

"Hi Patil"
(2017-12-06 18:29:53)

0474-235-701Prank call

"I'm a sex worker this guy won't leave me Aline constantly calls jerking off talking about strap ons!!!! Just hang up"
Yule(2017-12-06 11:59:58)

03-9028-2239Unknown call

"Someone phoned claiming they were from Telstra and that they were disconnecting my internet. I said i would phone her back and she gave me the (03) 9028 2239 number. It took her a while to 'find' the phone number and when I asked her name she wouldn't give to me and eventually hung up.
The caller ID came up with a local number not the number above. Definitely a scam of some kind!"
(2017-12-05 23:37:58)

0403-333-698Unknown call

"This person rang me he sounded indian and asked me if I had a accident this year when I said no he said has any one in your family had a accident this i hung up on him he had called me miss 'my name'"
(2017-12-05 23:00:43)

03-5956-5475Unknown call

(2017-12-05 22:08:02)

0475-873-263Unknown call

"Person called me twice, when answered on the second call I was accused of stalking her. I said I did not ring her number, she called me. She said she would call the police so I just hung up. She then sent 2 texts :
#1 - I will find out who ur r I will gve ur number to the cops they can find out who you are ok
#2 - I don't like stalker
Not sure if this person is unhinged or just a prank caller."
(2017-12-05 21:05:42)

0400-561-155Unknown call

"breached my AVO and called my ex and (falsely) sated my car had been in an accident"
anonymous(2017-12-05 15:29:09)

0476-170-988Unknown call

"Received a call at 4:06am. I didn't answer as I am usually asleep at this time. Unsure as to who this could be."
(2017-12-05 12:48:14)

0451-899-468Unknown call

"Asian caller telling me that my computer had been hacked, and asked me to press the windows key + R. This of course would open a "run" box where he would ask me to enter information enabling him to access my computer and install software that would compromise it. After I refused he became very very rude and uttered words that I cannot repeat here. Don't be misled!"
(2017-12-05 11:33:40)

0425-322-217Unknown call

"private investigator"
(2017-12-05 10:30:46)

0478-808-974Prank call

"At Malaysia we don't have this type of number and you said you're from Malaysia's Bank? SHIT!!! FUCK OFF!!! I'm not stupid you noob sial. Perangai macam haram jadah. Lahanat! Bodoh tu simpan la jangan tunjuk sgt kat org.
**You=the caller."
bangang forever(2017-12-05 07:12:17)

0492-620-324Text message

"Received that they had sent me an image, was linked to a webpage,, DO NOT OPEN as I would expect to be a virus or a hacker."
(2017-12-05 02:50:58)

08-8297-2092Unknown call

"Missed call"
Peachy(2017-12-05 01:22:04)

0436-379-036Unknown call

"Just received several calls from this number but they are stating they have rung the wrong number"
Tara Quirke(2017-12-04 23:15:19)

0404-202-457Text message

"I received an anonymous text message"
(2017-12-04 22:45:58)

0478-491-491Unknown call

"Received a call from this number saying it was “the police” and asking for a donation for teen drug awareness program. Sounded reasonably legit, but I find it very odd that they would call from a mobile number."
(2017-12-04 21:27:32)


"Harassing phone calls from “solar company apparently”"
(2017-12-04 01:23:58)


"Big scam from this number, once called it is hard to get them to stop, they will phone any time tell late evening."
the stork(2017-12-04 00:51:58)

0411-249-133Unknown call

"Unknown caller calling from outside my front door"
Jude(2017-12-03 23:23:59)

0457-849-102Unknown call

"Caller ID not found, no information anywhere about this number."
(2017-12-03 22:51:02)

0455-295-280Text message

"0455395280 Call and text me"
Chrystieanne(2017-12-03 22:04:02)

0429-827-844Unknown call

"Had two messages exactly the same for two separate ad's on Gumtree . Person's name is Geoff but has made excuses on both phone calls . Then tells me he is buying or scouting for someone else . Then tells me he has to go because he had a car accident and hangs up on me . Could be genuine but feels like something is wrong ."
Zooba(2017-12-03 21:57:04)

0475-919-941Unknown call

"Loopy climate-change denialist letter boxing in Indooroopilly, Qld on 4-Dec-2017. No name on flyers."
(2017-12-03 21:40:49)

0402-424-715Unknown call

"Got a hang up call from this number, I live in brisbane but it’s located in the middle of Australia. No idea who this is."
(2017-12-03 19:52:28)

0439-591-680Unknown call

"getting daily calls from this unknown number along with another 0423508462 both appear to be from the same location, however once the call is answered by voicemail they hang up."
(2017-12-03 19:17:21)

0402-670-620Unknown call

"Requesting interview about football(soccer) club for a breakfast radio program"
(2017-12-03 17:54:34)

0411-589-429Text message

"Mischievous message - unwanted and probably looking to do harm"
(2017-12-03 04:10:14)

0434-885-868Unknown call

(2017-12-03 03:59:17)

0458-654-447Unknown call

"Thought this number was a real estate agent. Not so. Lovely lady looking to buy property in my area."
Alan(2017-12-03 02:43:33)

0472-112-767Text message

"Spammed to see photo"
Nibbler(2017-12-03 01:32:34)

0459-766-888Unknown call

"Bought an iPhone on Gumtree that was linked to another Apple ID - the seller placed this number as their contact but now I can’t get a hold of them."
(2017-12-02 21:04:59)

0439-594-290Unknown call

"My Healthy place. Floreat WA advertising message"
(2017-12-02 20:39:58)

0407-985-416Unknown call

"This is the number that calls telling you that you someone in your family has had a car accident (SPAM)"
Paula(2017-12-02 19:08:16)

03-8393-8439Unknown call

"Two phone calls this morning 3/12/17 (a Sunday) around 7am which both went to voice mail.
Message please call back on this number (03) 8393 8439 no other identifier"
(2017-12-02 17:52:26)

0455-183-935Prank call

"He sounded like he's was on drugs"
Nick the raper(2017-12-02 14:02:50)

0455-183-935Unknown call

"He's a weirdo"
Nick grammelsberger(2017-12-02 13:51:36)

0409-914-649Unknown call

"Called at 4 am in the morning. Apparently got number out of paper. Called back said his name was Tony. Blocked number"
(2017-12-02 12:55:59)

0458-357-393Unknown call

"Got a couple of unknown calls from this number left no message. Blocked caller"
(2017-12-02 12:55:09)

0438-140-867Unknown call

Sparky(2017-12-02 09:36:08)