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Recent comments:

0402-366-568Unknown call

"25920 43200 86400 34560"
Valzovian(2018-02-16 02:52:33)

08-7200-7074Unknown call

"Call answered, nobody on the line, disconnected. Robot I expect or looking for call backs. Auto Reject...."
Tony(2018-02-15 23:57:17)

0478-656-853Unknown call

"Annoyance call no one on other end unable to call back unavailable from my carrier"
(2018-02-15 23:32:03)

0434-055-488Text message

"To follow up on my previous comment. Apparently it was an accidental reply-all message."
Grant(2018-02-15 19:01:22)

0432-384-387Text message

"Ladies Beware !!!...Spearwood , Fremantle,Hamilton Hill,Melville, South of river , WA. - *Male Iranian Patio builder, Home maintainance services self employed s*** bag.SCAM.I was getting calls from him too- He keeps asking for my credit card number- Lets stop him from getting money from us- There are a lot of people who will believe him and gave that credit card number- I just filed a complaint at Attorney General Office online- Here is the web if you wish to file a complain to cc-dc-gov occ site default-asp..*.This man is a *thief....A ...Con Man...DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUY ANY SERVICES FROM THIS S****M B*G"
Salima(2018-02-15 18:47:04)

07-3178-0364Unknown call

"This phone number was supposed to be from the Brisbane City Council"
(2018-02-15 18:25:15)

0403-494-274Text message

"Kept asking if I was Susane, despite my numerous attempts to tell them no."
(2018-02-15 18:19:19)

0452-341-214Unknown call

"Call at 2:30am ? Anyone know who this is and why a middle of the night call?"
(2018-02-15 17:57:20)

0434-055-488Text message

"I just received a very dodgy sounding message out of the blue: "Not sure if I'm ready for that ATM but keen to catch up for a coffee sometime with you ?""
Grant(2018-02-15 17:49:59)

0487-962-628Unknown call

"Bitcoin scam"
(2018-02-15 01:52:29)

03-9757-1304Prank call

"keep getting calls from this number and they just hang up"
(2018-02-15 01:50:30)

0495-436-748Unknown call

"Got a missed call from this number when called back, Optus advised it doesn't exist"
PhoneMan(2018-02-15 00:17:25)

0426-896-106Text message

"Received texts- asked who it was replied 'your conscience'
Later called on private, her name is Emma"
cc(2018-02-15 00:11:39)

02-9715-0832Unknown call

"TAFE Digital"
Amanda(2018-02-14 23:37:10)

08-8201-0778Unknown call

"Might be from Flinders University"
(2018-02-14 22:45:46)


"Political advertising for Jayne Stinson, Labor for Badcoe, Plympton, South Australia. Have blocked the number now."
Cameron(2018-02-14 20:35:00)


"Received a cold call from this phone number claiming to be ALLIANCE SOLAR. They knew my name and wanted to know how many people lived in my house, what power company I was with, and what my power bill was like. Claimed to be selling solar panels and repeatedly referred to the government rebate.

I repeatedly told them that I wasn't going to tell them any information over the phone, they continued to press for info. When I asked to be put on their DO NOT CALL register the person claimed that "touching other people's phone numbers is illegal." I told them that it wasn't illegal and that there was a form they or their supervisor could fill out to make sure I wasn't called again. They seemed to be confused by this and said they would "forward my request on" then hung up."
Rua(2018-02-14 19:41:23)


"Called back on first ring got a recording. Company was called something similar to Energy Options, I consider it a spam call"
Larry(2018-02-14 19:37:58)

02-6987-0242Prank call

"phone gave several rings before answered, said hello, no response. Scammers ?"
(2018-02-14 19:35:07)

0427-667-603Prank call

(2018-02-14 12:10:48)

0412-991-306Prank call

"Called and hung up. Tried to call back and Optus says it’s disconnected?"
(2018-02-14 05:47:18)


"Constant harassment from this number
Bitcoin registration they ring up to 5 times a day."
(2018-02-14 03:43:07)

0413-960-604Unknown call

"Number used on a package sent to an address that was not ordered by the addressee. Package instructions were also to leave at front door. The actual addressee is disabled and would be unable to collect a left package."
(2018-02-14 00:44:28)

02-8376-6666Unknown call

"Didn't get to the phone on time, tried to call the number back jut it just connects then goes dead"
Ang(2018-02-14 00:26:36)

02-4704-8591Unknown call

"Got 3 calls from this number, when I did ring back it said, this call could not be connected."
(2018-02-14 00:22:08)

0469-088-801Unknown call

"Someone left a message saying they were from Visa about something they were about to charge to my card. The accented English was difficult to understand. I didn’t ring back because they didn’t ID the bank and it is a mobile number. I’m sure they’ll ring back if it’s for real."
(2018-02-13 23:04:36)

03-9456-3876Unknown call

"Constantly rings. Leave no message . I cannot call back (always has “engaged” signal)"
(2018-02-13 18:41:45)

03-9986-5324Unknown call

"Constantly rings. Leave no message . I cannot call back (always has “engaged” signal)"
(2018-02-13 18:38:34)

03-9667-8954Unknown call

"Constantly calls. Leaves no messages. Unable to call back to find out who it is it’s always a “busy” line."
(2018-02-13 18:34:27)

02-9084-0581Unknown call

"Had a missed call from this number. Called back and it stated to check the number as it was disconnected."
Suspect(2018-02-13 06:35:54)

0449-371-544Prank call

"This phone rang my 18 year daughter did not say anything and when she rang it back it said that this number was disconnected please try again"
(2018-02-13 06:31:30)

0419-583-857Unknown call

(2018-02-13 04:36:52)

0474-275-496Unknown call

"Hooker working in Adelaide"
(2018-02-13 03:46:03)

0404-348-919Unknown call

"Rang back to only hear "hello", "hello"."
(2018-02-12 22:53:01)

03-9522-0851Unknown call

(2018-02-12 00:48:46)

0426-229-361Unknown call

"They didn’t speak when I answered then they hung up. Not sure who it was but I’m guessing someone wanting money"
Domeafava(2018-02-12 00:07:34)

0410-586-469Text message

"Books escorts and is a no show.
Waste of time n money..."
Charlotte(2018-02-11 22:10:27)

0403-522-142Unknown call

"Calls my partner & we don’t know who they are"
Michelle(2018-02-11 10:33:03)

0474-184-674Unknown call

"I want to know who this number belongs to"
Ninablack(2018-02-10 22:43:44)

0499-649-593Text message

"Got a text from this number,it just said new mobile number +61499649593,i don't know why i got the text as not dealing with any Cryptocurrency at all."
Scoopydoo(2018-02-09 22:48:19)