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Recent comments:

02-9052-7052Unknown call

"Received calls several times but when it answered, the call was ended."
(2018-09-16 22:10:18)

02-9750-0831Unknown call

"the number is for Harvey Norman - Wiley Park store."
(2018-09-16 21:57:53)

07-5390-0674Unknown call

"Voici le message reçu de se numéro 0753900574:
Salam tomy y'a kho ana saheb Hamza mol tonobile beach gadwa inchalah beach nrecuperi tonobile urgent vers 11h 12h ila tekder inchalah pck rani jay menb3id"
Djedy57(2018-09-16 17:05:55)

0400-685-789Unknown call

"quick ph call"
(2018-09-15 22:22:36)

0422-282-072Prank call

"Egotistical Narcissist with a small ugly penis.
Paul Whitaker
30 Albatross Street, Berkeley Vale."
(2018-09-15 08:58:08)

0473-486-025Unknown call

(2018-09-14 15:00:06)

0449-563-739Text message

"This text was a text offering bidding advice on a horse race, made it sound like a hot tip and a personal message to someone but some of the wording makes it clear that its not genuine. Signs off as david."
(2018-09-14 08:43:18)

0430-442-340Unknown call

"Scammer called to tell me he’s calling in regards to an accident I was in .

What a dumb line to use.

Be cautious.
Just scream at them
Like I did and he’ll hang up"
(2018-09-14 04:43:11)

0407-700-968Unknown call

"Listen but dont talk"
(2018-09-14 04:01:28)

02-9137-1031Unknown call

"Hung up after 1 second. Silence, no voice, no background noise, Sydney number (I'm in Vic). Perhaps an auto dialer from overseas call centre."
Noone(2018-09-14 03:53:51)

0414-254-524Unknown call

"received a call at 3.20am then a text "have you got the succ flowers today." No one spoke on the call."
(2018-09-13 17:46:27)

0481-297-084Unknown call

"This number an phone was stolen an all call to the number have been diverted to my current phone"
Murray(2018-09-13 12:22:20)

0417-808-559Unknown call

"Just had a call from this number around 6.30pm, picked up and there was no answer. They hung up after 4 seconds. I dialed back a few minutes later and couldn't make a connection at all (no voice mail at all, just ended)."
(2018-09-13 04:45:08)

0481-319-655Text message

"Sends a message saying ..." Hey hey how are you""
Al(2018-09-13 03:41:19)

0481-319-655Text message

"Sends a message saying ..." Hey hey how are you""
Al(2018-09-13 03:40:46)

0458-550-761Unknown call

"I got a call"
Rick Ross(2018-09-12 23:38:25)


(2018-09-12 21:24:07)

07-3210-6484Unknown call

"Got a call from this number today. Left a message that could not be converted to text. I will assume it is one of those phone scams. Will not ring it back to find out."
(2018-09-12 20:19:21)

0422-898-522Unknown call

"Xd DC vhjn ni il dr il the thhu uuhhh b acc x a dfj ki dfj and nbffrerrrrrf CV vbhhg ty uh"
G GB jjf dr(2018-09-12 06:30:50)


"Telemarketers saying he is from Australia solar and do we know about the government rebate. On the Australian solar website they say the do not , will not , and have not used telemarketers"
(2018-09-12 05:37:39)

0447-186-086Unknown call

"David, an employment agent."
(2018-09-12 04:54:43)


"Scammers, ring then hang up"
(2018-09-12 01:23:11)

03-9571-6944Unknown call

"Scammers - Ring, then hang up"
(2018-09-12 01:22:06)


"Trying to sell scam"
(2018-09-11 22:55:23)

0411-396-656Unknown call

"repeat calls, leaves long voicemails with no talking, stalkerish"
penny(2018-09-11 21:58:57)

0413-936-567Unknown call

"spam caller with blocking on return calls"
(2018-09-11 20:31:38)

0403-760-897Yellow page info

Mick(2018-09-11 12:47:29)

0417-978-326Text message

"someone asked me to kill myself from this number"
jC(2018-09-11 06:43:25)

0417-978-326Unknown call

"someone asked me to kill myself from this number"
jC(2018-09-11 06:41:45)

0423-740-521Unknown call

"Tuesday the 11th of September 2018. A women keeps calling me insisting that I know a Julian and I better keep away from him because his going to get me."
Bass(2018-09-11 04:53:36)

0403-596-081Unknown call

"I got a call that was abusive I just want to know the owner of the number to see if I know them before I take it further. I do not recognise the number."
Nuggett(2018-09-11 04:24:48)

0424-518-309Prank call

"Asking for my babk acc numbers. Scammers"
Les(2018-09-11 02:54:20)


"Missed call.
when returned, no answer.
(2018-09-11 02:50:43)

02-8311-7332Unknown call

(2018-09-11 02:13:12)

0408-859-859Event reminder

"Clothing Store SugaShake"
V(2018-09-11 01:32:45)

0423-398-163Unknown call

"Being harassed for advertising"
Lee(2018-09-10 23:15:07)

0418-769-567Unknown call

"Caller appeared to be in a call centre. I answered "Hello" there was a longish pause, as if an automated call router had placed my call with a person, the female said "Hello" and I answered "Yes". The caller terminated the call."
(2018-09-10 22:39:03)

0420-246-778Unknown call

"Don't know"
(2018-09-10 21:43:42)

0412-307-597Unknown call

"Just had a call re my recent car accident & they are going to pay $15,000 to $20,000 because it wasn't my fault. Actually my hubby did have an accident yesterday, not his fault, but the call was a scam for sure, they couldn't give me a reference number either."
(2018-09-10 21:30:54)

0456-693-970Event reminder

"Josie 68 off locanto"
nah(2018-09-10 11:52:28)